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Cruise with a Mission - Newsletter

October 22, 2012

Meet Kimberly Paulien


Kimberly Paulien is the Community Building Director for the 2012 Cruise with a Mission.  Getting to know each other; sharing experiences, is what Cruise with a Mission is all about.

Some people would never go on a mission trip; ever!  But they would go on a cruise with other young adults.  Just because you don’t want to bush-whack-it in the Sahara desert, sleep on the ocean floor, use a hand-hewed latrine or get malaria shots, does not mean you’re a bad person or any less a child of God.  He has created us all different and unique.  You just have tastes and comfort needs different than that of Indiana Jones!

So why not cruise it up, have a mission, get to know other brothers and sisters in Christ, and in the meantime serve God’s people?

That is why I am a part of this trip that I am learning to love, respect, and endorse!

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Trip Planning Guide & FAQ


It's time to start planning for the trip!  First, please review our Trip Planning Guide & FAQ page.

Now is also a good time to let your primary care provider know of your trip, the ports of call, and ask for any recommendations for immunizations needed, like Tetanus.

Finally, start praying for a personal spiritual renewal as well as an opportunity to encourge those in need.

Christmas Bags Collection


As in the past we are excited about bringing Christmas bags for the children at our ports. If possible, we are asking each person to bring one or two bags of gifts marked for a boy and girl.

Below is a list of items to include in the bags along with ideas of what kind of bags to use for packing. You may want to check your local discount stores such as a dollar store, Big Lots, etc.

  • Toys
  • School Supplies
  • Hygiene Items

View Detailed Items List

We encourage you to work with your local church family to help collect items: a great way to grow our ministry.