Welcome to the Jetty4Shores Newsletter


Jetty4Shores work well underway

The J4S Project Stages 2-4 are now well under way with detailed design and environmental approvals currently in progress. Works began in earnest on 20 April 2016 with the signing of the National Stronger Regions Funding Agreement, which confirmed the provision of $4.6m in matched funding from the Australian Government's Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Detailed design work has started on the car park adjoining Jordan Esplanade, the plaza and terraced steps onto Jetty Beach, a boardwalk linking the plaza to the head of the historic Jetty and the events and market area. Geotechnical investigations, heritage and environmental assessments have also begun, along with the redesign of the existing electrical infrastructure and storm water systems. The detailed design and environmental approvals are scheduled to be completed by November 2016.


Timeframes for delivery

A project timeframe has been developed that indicates a final completion date of September 2017. Key milestones include:

  • the completion of the Jordan Esplanade car park prior to Christmas 2016;
  • detailed design and approvals for the remainder of the project completed by November 2016; and
  • tender for the works awarded by March 2017.

It is estimated that the contract period for the works will be 20 weeks, but these timeframes will be confirmed as part of the tender process. An updated schedule will be communicated as details come to hand.


Integration with Northern Break Wall Project

The Northern Break Wall project is currently underway with HASLIN Pty Ltd working under contract on behalf of the NSW Government's Public Works and Crown Lands.

Negotiations have been undertaken between Council, as Corporate Manager of the Coffs Coast State Park, and Crown Lands to ensure there is consistency in design between the J4S project and the Northern Break Wall project.  The Trust has negotiated inclusions into the Break Wall contract including footpath design elements and materials, bollards, road rehabilitation and a new footpath adjacent to the Yacht Club. It is expected that the final result will see a good integration of design and materials between the two projects.



Extensive consultation with relevant stakeholders and the wider community has been ongoing as the concept plans have been developed and further community engagement will occur as the project progresses. The detailed design will be reported to Council in November 2016 when the plans will also be made publicly available.



For further information please contact Jason Bailey via jetty4shores@chcc.nsw.gov.au

For further project information visit Council's website.