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Dear Business Partner,

The Intersolar trade fair is just around the corner. We are really looking forward to presenting our new VCOM and blue’Log X series developments to you. We are particularly proud of the blue’Log X-Control - our new concept for plant control. We also have exciting news regarding “Alarming 2.0.” Come to our Booth 251 in Hall B2 and see how we can use data analytics to make the VCOM capable of learning!

Our newsletter topics at a glance:

  • Intersolar Europe 2018: This is what awaits you at our booth
  • VCOM: Innovation by Experience
    Intelligent solar power curve
    Solar power forecast now available to premium partners
    Increased user friendliness
    VCOM in Turkish

  • Click here! Our new website
  • Training in July
  • A strong team: meteocontrol at the Augsburg Company Run

Your meteocontrol team

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Intersolar Europe 2018: This is what awaits you at our booth

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We continuously enhance the VCOM portal. Not least because it has proven to be a success in more than 110 countries around the world. We recently cracked the 13 gigawatt barrier with more than 45,000 monitored PV systems. In our enhancement work, we focus on key performance indicators (KPIs): Increasing the KPIs provides an even more comprehensive portal view for the operator offering much more transparency and flexibility to operation managers. The new heat maps that display yield deviations on the string level also create added transparency. At the meteocontrol booth, you will also learn about how data analytics can help detect errors more quickly, report causes more precisely and recognize future error patterns – all in the name of “Alarming 2.0.”

In showcasing the blue’Log X-Control, meteocontrol is presenting the central element of its plant control solution with its new transparent controller core: It enables control behavior to be included in grid simulation models. The new X-Control also ensures that the continuously rising demands of energy providers can be met. With a trimmed-down firmware update, SD card swaps for defective devices and a configuration backup, the system is very maintenance-friendly. Improvements in alarm management like consideration of sunrise and sunset or the recording of communication quality between inverters and blue’Log underscore our commitment to continuously improve innovative solutions and make them more future proof.

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VCOM: Innovation by Experience

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Intelligent solar power curve

In the June release, you will find the solar power curve waiting for you in VCOM: It will facilitate intuitive visualization of your PV system’s performance.

To simplify performance assessment, a target value is calculated and a tolerance band is displayed. Under normal circumstances, the measured values of your system should fall within the range of the tolerance band. The target value is determined by the target performance ratio (PR) and measured irradiance. To calculate the target value as precisely as possible, the target PR should be entered monthly. This value can be adjusted in system configuration.

The solar power curve will be available from 06/19/2018 as part of the VCOM release.

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Solar power forecast now available to premium partners

As a premium partner, you now have access to the solar power forecast for the current day and the next days. You can view it for all systems in the VCOM monitoring app and in the VCOM portlet Current system status.

You aren’t using the VCOM monitoring app yet?
You can download the practical tool in the Google Play Store or in the App Store.

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Increased user friendliness

To enable you to complete your work even more quickly and easily, we continuously strive to make VCOM even more user friendly.

With the June release, you will benefit from the following enhancements, among other things:

  • In the footer, you can temporarily deactivate the automatic updating of the portlets.
  • All tables in VCOM have been reworked.
  • They are available from the sidebar in the menu for creating new systems.
  • In the Calendar items portlet, you will find the Excel export function.

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VCOM in Turkish

As a result of strong market growth and high demand in Turkey, we have translated the entire VCOM platform into Turkish. The VCOM monitoring app is also now available in the native language of our Turkish customers.

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Click here! Our new website

Our new homepage is going online right in time for Intersolar Europe 2018: Starting next Monday, you will see the modern, responsive design and eye-catching look at the well-known address www.meteocontrol.com.

Have a look for yourself - you will see our entire product portfolio in a clearly structured overview after taking just a few navigation steps. Get to know our new solutions and contact us.

We would be happy to offer advice!

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Training in July

We will offer the following training courses next month:

  • blue’Log hardware training: July 17, 2018
  • VCOM portal training: July 18, 2018
  • Grid feed-in management / power control training: July 19, 2018

Interested? For a binding registration, please send a message to: sales@meteocontrol.com.

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A strong team

Twenty-one meteocontrol employees took part in this year’s Augsburg Company Run. The run was started at 7 p.m. on May 17 under ideal weather conditions and amid great team spirit.

The tried-and-true motto ONE STEP AHEAD was the guiding force once again: Six of our runners placed among the top 1,000 racers, and we even had one finisher who ranked among the first 50 of the approximately 12,000 athletes!



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