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Club Night - Wednesday 8th May 2013

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved

Apologies received.

Matters arising from the Minutes.

The Watton Bike Day was considered a success with a lot of interest and one new member present at tonight's meeting.        
Reggie the Rights of Way Officer advised us that although there        has been no change on the Syderstone trail, the signs have been put in the wrong place so!!!!!!!!!!!!



Report from the Rights of Way Officer

Nothing more to report other than  the signs at Syderstone

Ride Outs

Buddha and Mark went for a ride around the Kings Forrest area
and "found" some water!!!!!!!


Terry had some more information for the " Grantham Slide School"
We need to get about 10 riders to get a discount making the day £100. At present we have the following showing interest :-
Terry, Paul & Son, Mark, John S, John T & Son plus 2 lads Terry knows outside the TRF. That makes 9 if all decide to proceed. I will let all know when I have a date, the organisers are having some problems with the venue at present but may soon be able to offer us a date in July. (Update: Looking at 12th July - post on website)

We discussed our annual midweek ride out and meal which Rupert is to arrange. The provisional date is Wed. 19th June, leaving Wymondham at 5-30pm arriving for a meal at Dog & Partridge 7-45pm

Terry & Reggie discussed a Team Trial which is being run by the
Dabbers Club on the 29/30 June

The Raffle was won by Bhuda, Mark, Margaret & Paul.

Chairman's Comments

It was nice to welcome John Shearer to the meeting following the Watton Bike Day

The Grantham Slide School looks like it may happen so lets hope everyone who has shown an interest is able to attend. If anyone else is able and wants to join us please let me know as the places are not limited to 10.

I had thought about stopping the raffle for the summer but due to OVERWHELMING protest have decided to carry on.

That's all for now and don't let the bike gather cobwebs
Terry Reeve Chairman

PS,  The pic above is how I spent my Bank Holiday Monday (I am no 76 in the middle), Pre65 Scamble, Stebbing, Essex. How did you spend yours? If you have a photo you wish to share with us and it's bike related let me know and if possible include a few words.

This newsletter is based loosely on the last meetings minutes which have not yet been approved and may contain inaccuracies.