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Newsletter Issue 17
August 27, 2015

GEO for Android is Now Available

Attention, Android-toting managers and staff: You can finally stop looking over your colleagues’ shoulders when they use GEO on their iOS device. Our handy building operations app is now available for you, too!

GEO for Android places two of our most frequently-requested modules, the Resident Lookup database and Maintenance Request/Work Order management system, right at your fingertips. Need to upload a resident photo or look up an email address? Tap! Looking to create or close a maintenance request on the go? Tap again!

Download GEO for Android today and watch your productivity levels skyrocket. And, as you would expect of us, we’ll be adding more features in the near future.


Drag and Drop Your Way to Learning Residents’ Names

It’s nice when your building staff knows your residents’ names, but doing so isn’t always easy when you have a busy building. Now you can help your staff give residents that “recognized” feeling with our new drag-and-drop “Know Your Residents” game, er, module. It’s a fun, effective way for your staff to improve their recognition of residents’ names and faces.


Did You Know…about Concurrency Limits for Guest Parking Permits?

Do you have a fixed number of guest parking spaces?  Keeping track of these spaces can be difficult, especially if you allocate them to residents at any given time. So let us do the hard work for you.

BuildingLink now automatically checks the availability of guest parking spaces for you and your residents. Simply set the maximum number of spaces in the new “Concurrent Permits Allowed” field for your Guest Parking Permit type, and the system will enforce that limit for you. It even automatically notifies residents when — and why — a permit cannot be issued for the time they requested.

Contact us at if you need assistance or have any questions about deploying this new feature.


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