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Sean O'Donnell: Cool misty dawn at the Las Cruces biological station.
drexel_coas: Need a backup photographer for your next trip? ;)
SOLD OUT! Distinguished Lecture: "Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst"
6:30 p.m. @ Mandell Theater
U.S. Schools as a Battleground for LGBT Children's Rights
12 - 2 p.m. @ Disque 109
9-11 MAY
Drexel Writing Festival
Times & Locations Vary
10 MAY
Dean's Seminar: Education Evolution: Transforming STEM Teaching and Learning
3:30 - 5 p.m. @ MacAlister Sky View
Drexel Writing Festival
Chat with an ex-Rolling Stone journalist, engage your senses in a culinary writing workshop, try your hand at improv (or get your hands adorned with Henna tattoos), and more at the Drexel Writing Festival.
Distinguished Lecture Sold Out!
Tonight's lecture with Robert Sapolsky, PhD — biologist, neuroscientist and stress expert — is sold out! Registered? Please make sure to bring your tickets with you to the event.
A Fulbright Record
Of this year's eight Drexel Fulbright honorees — the most in Drexel history — three are from the College of Arts and Sciences: Greg Niedt (PhD student, CCM), Kaitlin Thaker (BA Global Studies '17) and Vaughn Shirey (BS Environmental Science '17)!
Taking on Cancer
With the aid of a prestigious National Cancer Institute fellowship, Biology PhD student Eva Karasmanis is working to uncover how cells function in order to better understand and treat cancer and infectious and neurodegenerative diseases.
BEES for the Win!
The students of our "Field Experience, Early and Often" department proved they do something else pretty often too — win awards! From Finland to China to Brazil, their impressive work is taking them all over the world.
Walk Age-Friendly Mantua
You're Invited! WKDU-FM will host a conversation among neighbors about an age-friendly West Philly initiative, "Walk Age-Friendly Mantua" — made possible by the Ralston Center and Drexel Edits.
Barbara Hoejke, PhD
Fragile X Treatment
According to a Drexel study, human brain samples show that the treatment window for Fragile X syndrome — an autism-related disorder — likely remains open well into maturity after childhood (previous tests indicated it might close).
Drexel 125th Lecture Series
The Drexel 125th anniversary lecture series kicks off again this spring with talks including "Global Drexel," "Drexel, Mantua and Powelton Village," and "Past and Future" with President Fry.
Debjani Bhattacharyya
Eric Brewe, PhD, associate professor of physics, was elected Chair of the American Physical Society's Education Policy Committee for 2017.
Chris Sims
Dave Goldberg, PhD, professor of physics and associate dean, published the book "The Standard Model in a Nutshell" (Princeton University Press).
Phillip Ayoub
Tatyana Livshultz, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science, received a $309,342 NSF grant for "Collaborative Research: Macroevolution of a Group of Plant Secondary Defense Compounds in the Dogbane and Milkweed Flowering Plant Family."
Robert Brulle
Gordon Richards, PhD, professor of physics, received a $239,721 NASA grant for "Mining the Infrared Sky for High-Redshift Quasars." He also received a $29,490 grant award from the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) for his proposal to fund Undergraduate LSST co-ops at Drexel University.
Amy Slaton
The following students and alumni received the highly competitive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: Jeremy Gaison, BS Physics '15, Matthew Parsons, BS Physics '15, Jodi Kraus, BS Chemistry '14, and Nathaniel Shoobs, Environmental Science PhD Candidate. Honorable mentions were given to Robyn Smith, BS Physics '15, and Kendall Darfler, MS Science, Technology and Society '17.
Don Charles
Naomi Goldstein, PhD, professor of psychology, received a $1.4M Academic-Community Experience award for "A Postdoctoral Training Fellowship in Implementation Science to Promote Mental Health National Institute of Mental Health (T32)." She also received a $701,523 grant from the Stoneleigh Foundation for "Promoting Youths' Successful Completion of Probation: Applying the ACF Model to Juvenile Justice."
Jiu Jiang
Mimi Sheller, PhD, professor of sociology and director of the Center for Mobilities Research and Policy, delivered a lecture at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada, on "Island Futures and Caribbean Survival," as well as a public lecture in Vancouver on "Mobility Justice," a lecture on "Infrastructural Justice" for the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a lecture at the Annual Conference of the American Association of Geographers in Boston.
Don Charles
Michael Vogeley, PhD, professor of physics, received a $216,201 NASA grant for "AGN Accretion Physics: Insights from K2."
Jiu Jiang
The Drexel Psychological Services Center (PSC) was awarded the 2017 Clinic Innovations Award from the Association for Psychology Training Clinics.
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