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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemiological reports

For CDI's coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemiological reports within Australia, please refer to the Epidemiological reports page. It includes data on notified Australian cases, the international situation and the current understanding of severity, transmission and spread of the infection.

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Original articles

An evaluation of enhanced surveillance of hospitalised COVID-19 patients to inform the public health response in Victoria

Stephanie J Curtis, Zoe Cutcher, Judith A Brett, Simon Burrell, Michael J Richards, Daneeta Hennessy, Rebecca F Gang, Colleen L Lau, Stacey L Rowe || || Published online: 24/12/2020
Full Text: (Word 703.09 KB) (PDF 3.34 MB)

Hospital outcomes after a COVID-19 diagnosis from January to May 2020 in New South Wales Australia

Bette Liu, Paula Spokes, Maria Alfaro-Ramirez, Kate Ward, John Kaldor || || Published online: 24/12/2020
Full Text: (Word 394.92 KB) (PDF 2.91 MB)

Bacterial Ocular Surveillance System (BOSS) Sydney, Australia 2017-2018

Stephanie L. Watson, Barrie J Gatus, Maria Cabrera-Aguas, Benjamin H Armstrong, CR Robert George, Pauline Khoo, Monica M Lahra || || Published online: 25/11/2020
Full Text: (Word 92.34 KB) (PDF 2.92 MB)

The effect of COVID-19 public health measures on nationally notifiable diseases in Australia: preliminary analysis

Amy Bright, Anna-Jane Glynn-Robinson, Stacey Kane, Rose Wright and Nathan Saul || || Published online: 5/11/2020
Full Text: (Word 1.81 MB) (PDF 3.04 MB)

Surveillance summary

Buruli ulcer: a new case definition for Victoria

Juliana M Betts, Ee Laine Tay, Paul D R Johnson, Caroline J Lavender, Katherine B Gibney, Daniel P O’Brien, Maria Globan, Nectaria Tzimourtas, Miriam A O’Hara, Simon R Crouch || || Published online: 21/12/2020
Full Text: (Word 77.4 KB) (PDF 2.81 MB)

Short reports

Physical distancing and non-respiratory notifiable diseases in the Northern Territory, March-May 2020

Ouli Xie, Peter G Markey, Anthony D K Draper, Vicki L Krause || || Published online: 25/11/2020
Full Text: (Word 74 KB) (PDF 2.8 MB)

A fatal case of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli linked to a private drinking water supply

Rebecca M Schack, Mark Handby, Joy Gregory, Nela Subasinghe, Shaun P Coutts || || Published online: 25/11/2020
Full Text: (Word 82.42 KB) (PDF 2.77 MB)

Quarterly reports

Meningococcal Surveillance Australia Reporting period 1 July to 30 September 2020

Monica M. Lahra, Masoud Shoushtari and Tiffany R Hogan for the National Neisseria Network || || Published online: 21/12/2020
Full Text: (Word 71.21 KB) (PDF 2.76 MB)

Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme 1 July to 30 September 2020

Monica M Lahra, Masoud Shoushtari, Tiffany R Hogan for the National Neisseria Network, Australia || || Published online: 21/12/2020
Full Text: (Word 71.58 KB) (PDF 2.79 MB)

Annual reports

Australian National Enterovirus Reference Laboratory annual report, 2019

Linda K Hobday, Aishah Ibrahim, Matthew E Kaye, Leesa Bruggink, Presa Chanthalavanh, Arnau Garcia-Clapes, Jason A Roberts, Bruce R Thorley || || Published online: 21/12/2020
Full Text: (Word 257.35 KB) (PDF 2.95 MB)

Multi-year report

Tuberculosis notifications in Australia, 2015–2018

Amy Bright, Justin T Denholm, Chris Coulter, Justin Waring and Rick Stapledon on behalf of the National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee, for the Communicable Diseases Network Australia and the Australian Mycobacterium Reference Laboratory Network || || Published online: 25/11/2020
Full Text: (Word 1.07 MB) (PDF 3.31 MB)

CDI 2020 - Volume 44 Reviewers

The CDI staff wish to thank the following reviewers for their valued assistance throughout the year.

Trish Campbell, Allison Carter, Clayton Chiu, Eric P F Chow, Geoffrey Coombs, Shaun Coutts, Adam Craig, Mark Davies, David De Oliveira, Wayne Dimech, Stephen Doggett, Anthony Draper, Christopher K Fairley, Josh Francis, Heather F Gidding, Rona Hiam, Katie Hobbs, Tambri Housen, Vanessa Johnston, Kypros Kypri, Robert Leong, Ben Marais, Sam McEwen, Lisa McHugh, Sonali Meena, Sarah Moberley, Anthony Moore, Rob Moss, David Muscatello, Bridget O'Connor, Harunor Rashid, William Rawlinson, Nathan Ryder, Ari Samaranayaka, Ramon Z Shaban, Paul Simpson, Timothy Sloan-Gardner, Mitchell Smith, Paula Spokes, Maryke S Steffens, Sheena Sullivan, Polly Wallace, Michael Walsh, Darren Westphal, Nicholas Wood, Alyson Wright, Muhammad Yasir and Peta-Anne Zimmerman

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