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Coach Mom Newsletter - JUN 2013

A Summer Plan

The big transition. It comes every fall when school starts and then every summer when school ends for the year. Chaos breaks out as everyone’s schedules change all at once. After about two weeks everyone settles in, and things are smooth again…at least until the next transition back.

You, too, may feel overwhelmed as school wraps up and you look at your summer calendar. President of Focus on the Family Jim Daly discussed the plight of the overstuffed family schedule in his April 2013 newsletter. “None of these activities are bad, of course. Most of them are quite positive and beneficial. But taken in large doses, and stacked back-to-back-to-back-to-back, these worthy pursuits can turn into a monstrous tidal wave that threatens to overtake us and sweep us away. An overcrowded schedule can wreak havoc on family unity and harmony, not to mention physical and emotional health,” said Daly.

Remember that you have choices, so be intentional with your commitments. This can be a time for your family to slow the pace and rejuvenate. Rest and refreshment does not just happen. It takes intentionality. Set aside times on your calendar to refresh with your spouse, your children, and God.

If this was the last summer you ever had with your family, what would you regret not doing? Most of us can’t all run out and do that Hawaii vacation we’ve always dreamed of. But what is it that you are really seeking, and how can you foster that within the boundaries of what you are able to do? Here’s another one: If it was the last week of summer, what would you regret not having done for or with your family? Answering that question helps you recognize what you most value and then treat it as that. The calendar reveals the truth.


  • Before beginning the planning process, pray and ask the Lord to lead you.

  • Set aside “Mommy time” each day for yourself, when the kids know they are not to disturb you.

  • Set expectations regarding breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc. and the clean up of those, and communicate those to the kids.

  • Heed Love and Logic author Jim Fay’s advice in this opportune season. He says the best gift you can give your children ages nine and older is to have them prepare, serve and clean up a meal once a week for the family.

  • Institute independent time in the afternoon – kids can go to separate places to quietly read, build Legos, draw, or whatever they would like to do.

  • Set boundaries on what hours playtime with neighbor friends will be allowed.

  • Decide on consistent bedtime goals. (Dad still has to get up and work in the morning.)

  • Set a family game night for once a week. One of our family favorites is charades. This gets us out of our personal gadgets and back to spending time together.

  • Assign an extra chore or two per day to each child. They are out of school and have more time to contribute to the family. (Preface the extra responsibilities by reminding them you are providing them room and board each day. Then remind them that complaining about a chore is volunteering to do an extra one!)

  • If your children are not school-aged yet and this article seems irrelevant to you, thank you for making it this far reading! Perhaps this could be a time you are intentional with planning some meaningful get-togethers with friends who are busy with activities during the school year.

  • Create a packing list on your computer for annual summer trips. (Link) Each year print the list and let each family member pack their own bag.

  • Mid-summer, on “easy” weeks, schedule to do some of the things that will help make your fall transition easier (i.e. fill out online school registrations for your children, buy school supplies and stock them away for August.)

  • Most of all, enjoy your summer! Thank God for each day with your family, and I pray that your time together is blessed.

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