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Hope for Harmonisation

Kate Harris has now been CEO of GECA for one year! In this issue, we look back at her first GECA article, discussing the need for true global harmonisation in achieving sustainable development at a global scale.

"We often talk of developing a path towards sustainable development as being the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced, and know that we are at a critical point in time with significant change needed," Kate writes. "In the Australian context of sustainability, we often talk about the fact that Europe is far ahead. I had not realised how far ahead." Read more from Kate here.

Choosing the right insulation for your home and the environment

How can you get the most out of your insulation - and make sure you're doing the best thing for your health and the environment?

GECA has teamed up with Fletcher Insulation to provide an in-depth look at how to choose the best insulation for your needs, how to maximise its effectiveness, and what makes particular insulation materials less environmentally harmful than others. Read more.

What should be in your sustainable procurement policy?

How can professionals know exactly what constitutes sustainable or "green" procurement? Without a background in sustainable purchasing or a solid working knowledge of the surrounding issues, it can be challenging to know what sort of criteria to include in a policy document, or which products and services meet those criteria.

Read more in the latest issue of Govlink magazine.

What's so bad about triclosan?

In September this year, the US Food and Drug Administration announced a ban on the use of antibacterial compounds such as triclosan and triclocarban in household products such as liquid soaps. They found that these compounds were no more effective than conventional, ordinary soap and water, and they also recognised potential health and environmental risks associated with their use. So what’s so bad about triclosan? Read more.

GECA Standards update

The public comment period for GECA's new Cement, Concrete and Concrete Products standard is now closed, and the standard is in the process of being finalised to incorporate the feedback received. The standard is due for release by the end of this year.

Revision of GECA's Furniture standards (Level A and Level B) is also currently underway. The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has provided feedback and all points raised during the consultation process are being reviewed. The draft standards are being prepared for public comment and will be released very soon, so watch this space!

Sustainable Development Goals Australia 2016 conference

Sustainable Development Goals Australia 2016 - SDGA16 - is a broad ranging multi-stakeholder Conference to stimulate action on the 17 biggest social, environmental and economic challenges. It will be held in Sydney from 29-30 November.

Focusing on the 'what, why and how' of implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in Australia, this Conference aims to build awareness and identify key priorities for Australia's sustainable growth. GECA's Kate Harris will be the convenor for Goal 12 and will moderate the panel session at the event, so find out more and register here.

Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2016

SBE16 Sydney is part of the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Conference 2016 Series focused on developing High-Performance Built Environments. The conference will be held on 17-18 November, 2016 at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Come and hear from GECA's Kate Harris and Shaila Divakarla as they speak at the conference about sustainable procurement, supply chain risk and the new ISO20400 standard. As part of the pre-eminent international conference series, SBE16 Sydney is aimed at driving innovation in design, planning and management of high-performance built environments, as well as promoting education and collaboration in the field. Read more.

GECA Supporting Partner for Ausclean Pulire 2017

Taking place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on 9 – 10 May 2017, Ausclean Pulire 2017 will be co-located with National Manufacturing Week and Safety First Conference & Expo.

There will be more than 70 exhibitors and an anticipated 2,000 attendees over the two days. GECA is proud to be a supporting partner of the event and will also be hosting a seminar or workshop. Find out more.

GovProcure 2016

Now in its third year, the GovProcure conference has established itself as the place that procurement managers from all levels of government come to meet, engage and build the skills that they need to continue to deliver efficient, effective, ethical and economical goods and services.

Come and hear from GECA's Shaila Divakarla at a panel discussion on 'Integrating Sustainability into Public Procurement Processes'. The conference runs from 6-8 December in Sydney. Read more.

DesignBuild meets National Architecture Conference

Next year's DesignBuild event will be co-located alongside the Australian Institute of Architects' National Conference, at the International Convention Centre Sydney, 3 -5 May 2017.

The co-location means the two events will become an 'architectural hub' next May, and DesignBuild exhibitors can benefit from exclusive access to these key professionals. Plus, GECA licensees can access a 10% discount when booking their stand! Contact marketing@geca.org.au for more details.

What's On

25 October, Sydney: ISCA 2016 Sustainability In Infrastructure Awards
Recognising and rewarding projects, assets, organisations and individuals who demonstrate leadership in advancing infrastructure sustainability. Kate Harris will be discussing GECA's new Cement, Concrete and Concrete Products standard.

26 October, Sydney: Banksia Sustainability Awards: announcement of finalists
Judging is now underway and we wish all who applied the best of luck - don't miss the announcement of the finalists.

November, multiple cities: CitySwitch Awards
Showcasing signatories that have demonstrated outstanding environmental leadership, particularly with reference to building energy performance. Click for dates and locations.

3 November, Sydney: What Makes a Sustainability Leader?
Leaders from Qantas and GECA share their experiences, insights and knowledge on what it takes to be successful in the sustainability field. 

3 November, Sunshine Coast: Green Gown Awards Australasia ceremony
Australasia's leading sustainable universities have been shortlisted for the awards, run by ACTS (Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability). Find out the winners during the 16th International ACTS conference.

15-16 November, Sydney: National Energy Efficiency Conference
Australia’s premier annual event on energy productivity, bringing together up to 350 efficiency leaders, innovators, energy users and policy makers.

New products from Luxmy Furniture

Luxmy have added plenty of new items to their GECA certified range! Purchasing any certified Luxmy furniture for your home or office is a better choice for the environment, your health, and has been ethically produced too.

Take a look at the Degrees/Hex Ottoman, Hoop Lounge, Butterfly Table, Centipede Table, Compass Table, Talki Table, Cone LoungeSplinter Stool and Spinal Table.

Splinter stools

Butterfly Table

Degrees/Hex Ottoman

Welcome to GECA: Matthew Kolisnyk

We'd like to welcome the newest GECA team member, Matthew Kolisnyk!

Matthew is GECA's new Standards and Technical Officer, and brings a passion for sustainability and experience working with a variety of non-government organisations to the standards team at GECA. He conducts in-depth research to contribute towards developing GECA’s standards and handles claims validation.