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CIF Bulletin

2016 REOI Update & Next Steps


The CIF released the seventh annual Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) earlier this spring, on March 18. The REOI closed on May 18, with many excellent project submissions targeting cost savings and initiatives to test new solutions for improving Blue Box recycling programs around the province. 

We thank all applicants for their time and efforts in submitting their project ideas. 

In total, we received 41 applications, valued at $12.74 million. Twelve projects focused on achieving cost savings and topped the charts for dollar value at $7.52 million. Fourteen Centre of Excellence projects and seven transitional support projects were also clearly of interest at $2.46 million and $1.49 million, respectively. The chart below summarizes applications by priority area and project value.


Project Reviews are Underway

CIF staff are already on the job reviewing submissions and contacting applicants to discuss proposed projects. Next steps include:

  • reviewing all applications and projects
  • assigning project managers to each application
  • project managers helping applicants strengthen, clarify and support their application(s)
  • finalizing and preparing applications for evaluation by CIF committee
  • advocating on behalf of applicants at CIF evaluation committee
  • advising applicants of approvals or rejections
  • preparing grants and funding offers, and
  • assisting successful applicants to move their projects towards a successful conclusion. 

For More Information

Please contact Bradley Cutler or view the Spring 2016 ORW REOI Update Slides (June 2016)


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We hope you'll view (and/or review) the slides or webcast. 

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