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International Diabetes Federation

A campaign led by the International Diabetes Federation

Take a Step for Diabetes - less than 50 million steps to go!

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Over 320 million steps have been submitted on the World Diabetes Day Take a Step for Diabetes platform! This means that less than 50 million steps are required to reach the target of 371 million steps, in support of the number of people living with diabetes. A big thank you to the 450 individuals and groups that have registered accounts and submitted steps, allowing us to approach the target much earlier than expected.

The Take a Step for Diabetes campaign will not end upon reaching the target. The platform will remain open to receive and highlight your individual and group awareness activities in the run-up to the World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, Australia, on 2-6 December. The total number of steps collected and all those who have submitted them will be featured in the open letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban-ki Moon that the International Diabetes Federation will send in December, reiterating the importance of keeping the global commitments on diabetes made during the 2011 United Nations High Level Meeting on NCDs high on the global health agenda. Activities submitted will also be showcased on the IDF Stand at the World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne.

Here are the top 10 individuals and groups that are currently leading the way on the platform:

TOP 10 GROUPS                                                        TOP 10 INDIVIDUALS

1. ADINA (Peru)                                                           1. Gina (Peru)
2. N.A.DIA (Argentina)                                                 2. Rafael Medardo (Peru)
3. Liga Peruana de Diabetes (Peru)                            3. Eumelio César (USA)
4. CUI.D.AR (Argentina)                                               4. Cath (Peru)
5. Serdiabetico (Argentina)                                         5. Edgar (Mexico)
6. Diabetes SA (Australia)                                           6. Rosa María (Mexico)
7. Asociación de Diabeticos del Uruguay                     7. Fred (France)
8. FAD (Argentina)                                                       8. Edgard (Venezuela)
9. Federación Mexicana de Diabetes                           9. Marcelo (Chile)
10. Diabemedica (Mexico)                                           10. Tanya (Suriname)

Please continue to Take a Step for Diabetes at

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Activity roundup

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With just 50 days to go to 14 November, more and more activities to mark the day are taking shape. Here are some highlights:

  • In Australia, the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) is organising a competition - "A Journey to Healthy Eating Habits" - that highlights healthy eating as one way to prevent diabetes and its health complications. The competition hopes to inspire ADEA members and the public to come up with innovative ways to raise awareness and generate delicious and user-friendly resources to share in the community.
  • In Canada, the Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation will be organising its annual public event to mark World Diabetes Day in Alliston, Ontario on 13 November. Activities will include diabetes awareness and information displays, entertainment provided by pipers, childrens and adult choirs and the opportunity for participants to take the "Big Blue Test", promoting the importance of physical activity in the management and prevention of diabetes. The event forms part of a series of awareness activities that the Foundation will be organising in November, among which is the blue lighting of the historic Banting Farmhouse every evening during the month.
  • In Poland, the local affiliate of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) is coordinating a country-wide event - "Health Under Control" - in shopping malls across Poland on November 16. On the day, visitors to the malls will be able to benefit from free screenings for diabetes and its risk factors, receive reliable information about the disease and participate in activities to raise awareness of diabetes and promote healthy lifestyles. This event will be complemented by a series of activities in the region of Selesia that include competitions for children, the distribution of awareness leaflets in restaurants, blue lightings, workshops and a walk in one of the largest urban parks in Europe.
  • In Hyderabad, India, a Diabetes Education Awareness Run - "DEAR HYDERABAD 5K RUN" - will be held on 14 November in association with the Rotary Club of Hyderabad Central. The aim of the run is to educate the public on diabete prevention and the role of diet and physical activity. Banners will be displated with the slogan "ACT NOW! PREVENT DIABETES."
  • In Madison, Wisconsin, USA, a diabetes play - "The Sweet Lowdown" - will premiere at the Broom Street Theatre on October 25 and run through November 16, with special activities on November 14. The play consists of two one-act segments that tell the story of a person with type 1 diabetes confronting someone with type 2 and incorporate comic sketches and dance to explain the science of diabetes and dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding the disease.

Visit our Global Events map to see a selection of awareness activities that will take place in November. Please continue to submit your event information.

Don’t forget to inform your activities with the key messages of the World Diabetes Day 2013 campaign and the content available in our online campaign toolkit.

View the list of monuments and buildings that will be lighting in blue for diabetes this November and submit your confirmed lightings online.

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Champion spotlight:

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We are pleased to announce that is our latest World Diabetes Day Champion. The website is the first online portal for diabetes in Bahrain and is a collaboration between members of civil society, youth, private individuals and organisations. Its objectives are to provide education in the prevention and management of diabetes and related issues. The platform offers a support network for the diabetes community in Bahrain and creates a freely accessible online platform to support national and local initiatives for the prevention and management of the disease.

In light of its pioneering work in diabetes in the region, was selected as a winner of the World Summit Youth Award, which aims to foster youth empowerment through technology in order to reach the targets set by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 

See all our champions at

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10 steps to raising diabetes awareness in your community

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This week the World Diabetes Day Facebook page is highlighting the different steps that people are taking to raise awareness of diabetes in their community. Here are the 10 steps that we’ve received from our followers:

  • I try to change the dialogue by speaking about health promotion and its benefits and encouraging people to take-up healthy habits. We should stop talking about diseases but talk about health for everyone. Claudia Longo
  • I show posters in areas with high pedestrian traffic. Ana Guzmán
  • We joined the Pin a Personality campaign and we continue to talk about diabetes so that the communication chain does not break. Giselle Iglesias
  • I promote healthy diets and exercise among my pupils. Julio Galindo
  • I organise walks, conferences, photos with the blue circle and advocate for the modification of diabetes legislation in Argentina. Hugo Jose Fraccaro
  • I share online information about diabetes and organise meetings. Noe Garcia, Argentina
  • I share diabetes information on and offline. Karla Parra
  • I created a blog to spread the message that ‘diabetes is not my limit’. Diabetes is not my limit
  • Simply by talking about it : I don't hide my injections and self-monitoring anymore.  Severine Gandia

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Campaign materials

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A reminder of the materials that we have available for use in your local awareness activities. Request your materials by 1 October to ensure delivery in time for World Diabetes Day.

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