Oxfam Policy & Practice News December 2015
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Today we've published An Economy for the 1%, a ground-breaking report which shows that the global inequality crisis is reaching new extremes and the richest 1% now have more wealth than the rest of the world combined.  

Privilege and power is being used to skew the economic system, and the existence of a global network of tax havens is contributing to the worsening economic divide.

Download the report, with accompanying methodology and data to find out more.

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Catherine Meredith
Oxfam Policy & Practice


The inequality headlines

Watch this short video with Oxfam's Deputy Head of Research, explaining key findings from An Economy For the 1%.


A point of view

Fortunes for the fortunate? Read a blog post from Deborah Hardoon reflecting back on two years of toil on inequality data.


Interactive infographic 

View our interactive report infographic and explore the data further.


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