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April 2013

We hope your First Quarter was marked by increased business and success!

At Innovative, we’ve been working hard “behind the scenes” to update our technical data sheets to make product differentiation and selection easier. We’re also pleased to introduce a new logo and updated website at www.innovative-polymers.com.

As always, we continue to focus on providing customers with ever-improving product performance and customer support.

Product Developments

Our InnoTuf® TP-4014 now has a UL 94 V-O flammability rating with a yellow card. The Shore D hardness material, that simulates TPO, ABS and PC thermoplastics, is ideal for casting equipment housings as well as automotive interior and under-hood components. In addition to being flame retardant, the polyurethane has a high Notched Izod Impact Strength of 2.0 ft-lb/in, flexural modulus of 150,000 psi and heat deflection temperature of 192°F (89°C). Call today for samples!

Quality Report

At Innovative, product quality and consistency is a top priority. As various products are manufactured, our quality control (QC) team conducts a variety of tests on both simple, uncured materials as well as mixed and cured polymers. The technicians utilize laboratory equipment that is frequently inspected, calibrated and certified accurate. The QC results are then recorded and retained as needed should any questions about product performance arise. Our goal: to provide customers with polyurethanes that exhibit outstanding batch-to-batch consistency and meet the specifications as stated on technical data sheets. » Read More

Tech Tip -- Check the Weather Report!

When polyurethanes don't perform as expected, companies typically look for explanations such as technician error, mixing machine issues or supplier/raw materials problems. A common culprit is often overlooked; the weather. Uncontrolled shipping, storing and casting environments can cause polyurethane resins and hardeners to form crystals, altering handling characteristics. Eliminating these issues is frequently as easy as implementing better control over shop temperature and humidity. » Read More