Advertising Standards Bureau - Ad Standards Bulletin (Recent News)

Issue 90. August 2017.

Same sex marriage plebiscite – advertising complaint considerations

Why Ad Standards will most likely not consider complaints about same sex marriage plebiscite ads and where to direct complaints.

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Ad Standards efficient, responsive and cost effective

Positive findings about the efficiency, responsiveness and cost effectiveness of the work of the Advertising Standards Bureau have been released in a report from Deloitte Access Economics.

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You will lose your s#!t

A billboard advertisement has been upheld by the Board for using explicit language that would be seen by a broad audience, including children.

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International work continues

Ad Standards will continue international self-regulation work by participating in the APEC Advertising Standards Conference in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam later this month. The conference will bring together international self-regulation bodies, government and advertisers from across the APEC region.

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