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Dear Business Partner,

Snow-generated chaos in Bavaria; blistering heat and desert sand in the Gulf states. No matter what type of weather nature throws at us and what type of tricks it has up its sleeve: PV systems have to operate – always!

Our monitoring and control systems can handle any challenge. With the help of an additional sensor, the blue'Log XM can measure the current depth of snow at the system site and transmit the respective values to the VCOM. We also recently demonstrated at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi just how well our systems can perform in the most extreme desert conditions.

Newsletter topics at a glance:

  • VCOM: Innovation by Experience
    An easy start: Quick start guide in VCOM
    Now available: Version 2 of the VCOM API
    Server availability: 99.992 percent

  • blue'Log XC - meteocontrol’s new plant controller
    Innovative system for monitoring and power plant control

  • blue'Log X series: Engineered to succeed
    SCADA interface: Access to live values via Modbus TCP
    Release: Firmware and driver

  • PV Operations Europe 2019
  • Yield reports for every system site around the world
  • meteocontrol Chile on a growth trajectory

Your meteocontrol team

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VCOM: Innovation by Experience

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An easy start: Quick start guide in VCOM

Are you new to VCOM and want to learn your way around right from the beginning? All you have to do is use the quick start guide! The new tool will help you learn the ropes in no time: Quickly get a feel for the entire navigation and all core functions. Even if you are a seasoned VCOM user, you can profit from new information and tips!

The quick start guide is perfect for new colleagues and your customers. Tell them about the document - to facilitate a fast, smooth start in VCOM. You will find it soon in the help section of the VCOM footer.

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Now available: version 2 of the VCOM API

We have enhanced the VCOM API to meet increasing requirements. Version 2 is now available - here you will find all information you need and instructions for migrating version 1 to version 2.

With the VCOM API, you can gain easy and fast access to measurement data, tickets and technical system data. The important role such interfaces play in connecting systems to one another is reflected in their continuously rising use since introduction: An average of 250,000 requests per day are now being received. That amounts to more than 170 requests per minute.

Version 1 of the VCOM API can still be used until June 1, 2019. Please remember to switch your requests to version 2 before this deadline.

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Server availability: 99.992 percent

VCOM was continuously available throughout 2018 with the exception of 42 minutes. This amounts to a top performance level of 99.992 percent server availability.

We are really pleased to provide you with a reliable tool that offers dependable access without planned downtimes for monitoring your PV systems in VCOM!

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blue'Log XC - meteocontrol’s new plant controller

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Innovative system for monitoring and power plant control

The new power plant controller blue'Log XC will go on sale on March 1, 2019. It will complement the holistic system for monitoring and power plant control - together with the blue'Log XM that is already available for the purpose of monitoring PV systems.

With an internal pre-release, we are currently going through the process of ensuring that the new system will provide maximum security from the very start. An independent, accredited testing lab will also measure the standardized power plant controller and subject it to 18 extensive tests - in terms of certification on the basis of the technical application rules TAR medium voltage (VDE-AR-N 4110) and TAR high voltage (VDE-AR-N 4120).

Learn more about the new power plant controller and our monitoring and control system today - on our home page or speak with one of our sales representatives: +49 821 34 666-80.

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blue’Log X series: Engineered to succeed

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SCADA interface: Access to live values via Modbus TCP

The SCADA interface is an open Modbus TCP interface. It provides external systems like SCADA or building management with simple and standardized access to all live measurement data of devices connected to blue’Log.

Regardless of which communication protocol that the connected device uses to communicate with blue’Log: The data can always be requested from the data logger by using the same Modbus protocol and register structure.

The SCADA interface is available starting with firmware 6.0.9 and can be activated by license.
Find out more here!

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Release: Firmware and driver

The new firmware 6.0.9 and the driver package 6.0.9 are now available for the new blue’Log X series.
The driver package 6.0.9 expands compatibility to the following devices:


  • ABB SunSpec (PVS, TRIO, TRIO-TM, UNO-DM-PLUS (SunSpec))
  • Chint CPS Series (SCH1500K)
  • Huawei Sun2000-90KTL(H0, H1, H2), Sun2000-95KTL(INH0, INH1), Sun2000-100KTL(H0, H1, H2, USH0), Sun2000-105KTL(H0, H1, USH0)
  • Power Electronics Freesun FS1800CH
  • Yaskawa  PVI 14-36TL
  • FRIEM RECon Central Inverter
  • SMA Sunny Central (1760-3000)
  • SMA Sunny Central (CP, CP-US, CP-JP, HE-20)


  • meteocontrol Ta-ext-RS485
  • meteocontrol Tm-RS485


  • Mitsubishi ME110
  • Schneider Electric ION7X00/8X00
  • Schneider Electric Sepam S40 series
  • Siemens PAC3100
  • Siemens PAC3200
  • Yokogawa PR300
  • Lovato PM VF series

String monitoring

  • Klein KSM-Vx.x
  • Raycap ProSMS
  • Santerno Sunway TG ES 1008

You will find all the details along with the devices currently supported in the compatibility list for the
lue’Log XM / XC.

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PV Operations Europe 2019

meteocontrol will support the Operations Europe 2019 conference in Munich as a sponsor. During a talk titled “Digitalization of the PV Operations,” Managing Director Martin Schneider will point the way to efficient digitalization of PV operation management.

Effective yield monitoring, reliable grid integration and high IT security are the elementary components of sustainable, clean energy supplies around the world. We continuously work on developments and solutions with this goal in mind.

PV Operations Europe 2019: February 27-28, 2019, Holiday Inn, München City Centre

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Yield reports for every system site around the world

meteocontrol offers yield reports for every system location around the world for quality assurance purposes. Our colleagues recently demonstrated their expertise during a major project – a 320 MWp system in the United States. The special aspect of this project: It involved a uniaxial tracking system with bifacial modules. The system itself feeds on the high-voltage level.

Bifacial PV modules can use light on both sides instead of the front side, a feature that boosts the yields of PV power plants. Additional factors must be considered in yield calculation, including irradiance and conversion efficiency on the rear side. Rear-side irradiance depends on such aspects as irradiance on the ground, row spacing, substructure and the albedo of the ground.

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meteocontrol Chile
on a growth trajectory


We are really happy about a new hire at meteocontrol Chile:
With Antonio Valdebenito, we have recruited an expert project manager for our subsidiary in Santiago de Chile.

Antonio Valdebenito comes from the telecommunications industry and has worked for many years at Ericsson. He gained a deep know-how there and has many years of experience as a project manager.

Our subsidiaries in Australia and Japan have also grown and added new personnel.


ABSI meeting 2019

The Working Group of Bavarian and Austrian
Solar Initiatives (ABSI) will meet in Rosenheim:

February 15-16, 2019
Technische Hochschule
(University of Applied Sciences)

meteocontrol will attend the meeting as a sponsor and exhibitor!


Phone: +49 (0)821 / 34 666-80
Fax: +49 (0)821 / 34 666-9080