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Love where you live!

WE LOVE BEAUFORT STREET!  We just love it!  It's where we live, where we play, where we want to be.  Join us on the strip and love it too!

Enjoy our Festival this Saturday 15th November!

We love the Beaufort Street Festival - there will be much happening to love as well - for the full programme check out the Festival website (here) or the Festival Facebook page (here).

Have a LOVE-ly day.  Have fun, be safe, enjoy!

We love the dogs you love!

One of the ever popular Beaufort Street Festival events we absolutely loooove is The Dog Show!

It will be one of the highlights of the City of Vincent Community Stage! You can enter your pup and they will be eligible to win prizes based on several categories including best strut and smartie pants! Register your interest by emailing dogshow@beaufortstreetfestival.com.au

We love the busiest of bees!

The Laneway Collective has over 30 artists beautifying a Grovesnor Road Laneway into a permanent art exhibition and will be conducting live mural painting on festival day, adding to the work already there.  Be sure to check out the live action!  You'll love it.

A big thank you to the members of the community who turned out with brooms and bins and got down and dirty on Sunday morning to clean up the overgrowth and rubbish in the lane.  It's pretty special when everyone shows such love for their suburb!

Shop where you love!

Shop small, shop local - shop well!  By supporting your local community and the small business enterprises in your area you directly contribute and add to the ongoing vibrancy and diversity of our shopping strip and also help our overall economy and provide ongoing employment opportunites.  It's easy, put your footprint on Beaufort and shop where you love!

We'd love to say - "Hello" and "Goodbye!"

Hello and welcome to your new executive committee members - Annabel Keogh, Simone Robeson and Ciaran Cooke (Treasurer) joining continuing executives - Pam Herron (Chair), Dean Cracknell (Vice Chair), Dale Emery (Secretary), Ryan Knowles, Danielle VanKampen, Michelle Xa Rechichi, Emma Kenton, Adrian Tatasciore and Jen Jones.

We would also like to take this opportunity to give a big THANK YOU to retiring executive members, Pauline Burns (Treasurer), Elaine MacLeod and Lesley Thomas for their work with the Beaufort Street Network initiatives. 

You gotta love a bar that everyone else loves too!

Congratulations to Five Bar.........they scored BEST SMALL BAR IN WA!  No mean feat!  We love it that you are in our strip!!!

Look! Love from everywhere!

The STM Food Issue loves some of our favourites from Beaufort Street too!

Bossman, Clarences, Cantina 663, El Publico, Must, Five Bar, St. Michael 6003, Mondo di Carne. 


You gotta love yoga when it pops up with a member's special!

POP UP YOGA is popping up in Solomon's cafe in addition to classes at Beaufort Street Books and is offering Beaufort Street Network members a special discount in November - just $10 for classes.

Email: Sam at popupyogabeaufort@gmail.com for more information.