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Webinar of the Month:
Alignment of Raw Sequence Reads

The upcoming release of Avadis NGS 1.3 provides support for aligning reads to a genome for small RNA, ChIP-Seq, and DNA-Seq analysis. The aligner is a new proprietary algorithm based on the Burrows Wheeler Transform. We have named the algorithm COBWEB , which is a representation of strength and simplicity, and is a reflection of multi-scale design -- values that inspired the design of the algorithm.

Aligners for raw next-generation sequencing reads are often limited to either a specific class of reads or alignment characteristics. However, COBWEB has been optimized to handle both short reads and long reads, and allows an arbitrary number of gaps and mismatches. Moreover, with an alignment program in the same software as downstream analysis functions, you now have a complete pipeline for your sequence data from the time you receive your raw reads until you publish your manuscript!

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of COBWEB, along with comparisons to several existing open source tools for alignment. We will also walk you through the steps for performing alignment within Avadis NGS, before beginning quality control and data analysis.

We have scheduled two sessions -- one for Europe and Asia and a different session for North and South America. Choose the webinar time that suits you best and register for free!

See you at the webinar!

- The Avadis NGS Team

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Europe + Asia
December 7, 2011
11 AM Central European Time
North + South America
December 9, 2011
10 AM Pacific Standard Time
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