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MORE HEALTH welcomes everyone back for another great school year! We are excited about the many opportunities that 2013-2014 offers us to provide health and safety education to children, teens and adults.

Please mark your calendar for the first annual "Celebrate MORE HEALTH" Breakfast! After 24 years in the Tampa Bay area, we look forward to publicly sharing our many initiatives, and bragging just a bit about the positive presence MORE HEALTH has in our communities. Hope to see everyone at the event!

Celebrate MORE HEALTH Fundraising Breakfast

The January newsletter described our partnership with the Hillsborough County School District, Federally Qualified Health Centers and the Florida Department of Health in providing dental screenings at eight Hillsborough County elementary schools. Mobile clinic dentists performed dental examinations and applied sealants to the molars of second graders at each of the designated schools. The program was so successful that the Hillsborough County School Board has approved an additional eight schools for the program. Sixteen schools will now be served!

You may be surprised to find that the MORE HEALTH for You Dental kit is now available for consumer purchase online! In response to great demand, our curriculum team has been working diligently in creating this lesson kit, and we are sure that you will be pleased with it and other lesson offerings. We love the enthusiasm generated for the ability to purchase MORE HEALTH curricula and cannot wait to assist you in improving the health of children, teens and adults! To access our online store directly, visit!

Karen Pesce
Executive Director
MORE Healthy News

As students make their way back to the classroom, let's remind them that good personal hygiene habits help to fight germs and keep us healthy. They should always remember to:
  • Bathe and shampoo hair
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Wash hands and clean fingernails
  • Brush and floss teeth
  • Comb hair neatly
The most important reason to be clean is to stay healthy. Germs exist everywhere!

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Teacher/School Spotlight
Teacher Spotlight

Twenty years ago Karen Foster encountered MORE HEALTH while volunteering in her children's elementary classroom on the same day that the Bones 1 "Bo Wo Wones" lesson was being presented. She was immediately impressed by the instructor's enthusiasm, and the excitement radiating from the classroom of first graders. Today she is a MORE HEALTH instructor with 12 successful years under her belt!

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Safety Awarness for You

Did you know that five children aged 19 and younger are killed every day in the United States by a bullet! And that most of these deaths are accidental? Additionally, children in our country are widely exposed to firearms through various media such as movies, television shows, music posters and video games.

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Get Involved
Get Involved

Join MORE HEALTH invites you to make a difference in the community. Donating your time and resources, requesting a lesson and volunteering are easy!

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MORE HEALTH is committed to improving the health of children, teens and adults through innovative, interactive, and effective education. Since 1989, MORE HEALTH has educated and inspired over 2 million students to identify and adopt healthy habits. With your generous support, we can do even more!

Donations to MORE HEALTH are tax-deductible and help support the areas of greatest need.

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