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June Twenty-Twelve

Calling all Groupies

The Klick team have officially become groupies after signing on as the PR partner of Groupon Australia & New Zealand.  As one of the fastest growing start-ups in history, Groupon is driving lifestyle shopping in Australia with its wide variety of high quality, local deals and growing number of loyal subscribers.

Those of you familiar with the Klicksters will already know that we like to jam a lot into our days, but now we seem to be eating, shopping, and enjoying weekends away more than ever... Not that we needed encouraging, right?



Does 'Man Flu' exist?

'Man Flu', how does it differ from the regular kind of flu? It's the idea that when a man gets the common cold he over-exaggerates and claims to have the worst flu in history. Sound familiar?

With flu season upon us, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have released the survey results of over 1500 Australians between the ages of 25 and 64, to find out if they think 'Man Flu' exists.

Not surprisingly 66 per cent of people surveyed said that 'Man Flu' may exist, with 49 per cent of Australian men surveyed suggesting they may have suffered from 'Man Flu' in the past.

As many women know, the need for sympathy in men is one of the most recognisable traits of 'Man Flu'. Survey results also revealed that 75 per cent of men agree that they expect more sympathy than women when they are sick.

For more information or to see the full results, contact dan@klick.com.au.


Let's Get Visual

You understand the power of words and digital strategy. Have you considered the power of a visual strategy?

At Klick we're arguing that it's time to get visual - read more here


The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

Thanks to our friends at Sony Pictures, we have 10 double passes to the advance screening of The Amazing Spider-Man. The screening will take place in Sydney on Monday, July 2, 6.30pm at Event Cinemas George Street.

The first 10 people to leave a comment on our Facebook page asking for a ticket will win a double pass!


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