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The Sixth Sales Step You Can’t Skip

Presenting Your Company before the Choices Proposal.

Everyone knows that if you professionally present your company with a book of your “good stuff” you will close more jobs for more money. I used to offer to make a company presentation book for my clients. I charged $300 for this and had a professional marketing company do the work. In two years I had about 30 contractors order them and only one ever completed it. Tragic. Why don’t you get it done? No excuse is good enough.

This book is often confused with the picture book that many have. They are different. The Company Presentation Book includes only those examples of what makes your company better than all others. Certainly this includes your licenses, insurance, awards and so on, as well as photos of your coworkers, your guarantees and warrantees and more.

You’ll be presenting this just before your Choices Proposal. At this stage your customers are ready to look at some numbers so don’t take too much time…under 7 minutes…to give them your story. Practice this until you feel comfortable making just one point per page and you will start hitting home runs with this proven sales tool.

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How to Properly Set the Appointment with TRUST PRO® online

I have always thought that setting yourself apart from and lifting yourself above your competition at every chance is something that must be done. This bar-raising process starts with how professional your company is in setting the appointment.  Here some guidelines to consider:

  1. Don’t make the customer wait to schedule the appointment.  Give appointment-setting a top priority. Have several people cross-trained to do this so clients are not left on hold. 
  2. Never tell a client that no sales person is available right now. This requires that you have access to the comfort advisor’s schedule to book the appointment immediately.
  3. Get as much information as possible without making them feel they are taking a quiz.  The more information the comfort advisor has, the better prepared they will be.
  4. Always ask the client how they came to call you and record this data including any referral information.
  5. Always offer to send the client an appointment confirmation email or letter that not only gives them the date and time, but explains the process, the amount of time required, and provides some background on why other customers have chosen your company.

TRUST PRO® online has a fully integrated Client Leads module that allows any team member to professionally and consistently handle the sales appointment scheduling process.  This includes:

  • A set of important questions to ask the client 
  • Requires that you ask the client how they came to call you.  Includes referral names or the service tech name and tracks these for payment of any referral incentives.
  • A company-wide Sales Appointment Calendar that can be accessed from anywhere anytime, so it is always up-to-date.
  • You can text or email the Lead directly to the comfort advisor so they can quickly connect with the client to confirm the appointment.
  • Send a customized or preset Appointment Confirmation by email or letter.
  • There is a post-sales-call Thank You Letter to follow up with all the reasons a client should consider buying from your company.
  • Four (4) different Client Customized Call Forms for the Comfort Advisor to use on the call.  These include Needs Assessment, Client Concerns, Equipment Measurement and a Client Choices Note Taking Sheet to give to any missing decision-maker after your call.
  • Ability to track and manage Open Leads until the buy-or-die.
  • Tracking of Closing Rates.

Mark Sims is President of Chameleon Management Solutions, Inc. and is the creator of TRUST PRO® online, the only fully functional cloud-based HVAC contracting business management software.

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