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Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams partnered with Vitsœ to launch the 606 storage system in 1960. One year later, Braun began development of the "Wandanlage" (pictured above).

60 years on, what are the alternatives? Shout out to for suggesting we tackle this question! 

Track-based shelving - 

Side note - De Padova surpisingly has a legitimate license to produce the 606 system. Looks like they use aluminium for the shelves though, whereas Vitsœ UK opted for steel. 

Budget friendly option via Floyd

Protect Me From What I Want

Charlotte Perriand

First developed in 1940, the iconic "Nuage" series was officially reproduced for the first time by Cassina in 2012. On the topic of home / office storage solutions, this has to be in the top three.

Here are a few (less expensive) options that were clearly inspired by the original - 

Head in the Clouds

Protect Me From What I Want

Haller and Schaerer

Expensive kit tends to encourage die-hard fanaticism. I have yet to meet a USM Haller devotee, though I assume they have strong opinions on who makes the best modular furniture.

These instantly recognisable shelving units were first developed in the early 1960's for the USM head office. Although they sought to file a patent for the signature ball joint design, it appears Poul Cadovius may have been an influence here as well.

Indeed, a German competitor called Bosse have a very similar "About us" page - referencing Corbusier at length, just like USM. 

Whenever you find yourself on a product hunt, make it a quest - the due diligence will pay off! 

Do you even modular?

Protect Me From What I Want

Bonus Round

If a TENET-inspired art storage facility is on your wish list, then here's a product range for you. 

Garage goals


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