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Welcome back and what a way to start the first few weeks of January 2014 with this heat wave. We hope everyone throughly enjoyed their Christmas and New Years break. It's time to get stuck straight back into it. Here's to a new year and wonderful 2014.

Looking after your wine this summer

Wine is a perishable food grade product and there is nothing worse than cracking a bottle of wine at dinner with friends that you've been holding on to for years and it gives off a horrible smell and a terrible finish. 

A common cause of damage to wine is temperature fluctuation and in our warehouses we maintain tempreatures between 15-17.5 degrees all year round to ensure that your wine is served in the best possible condition. Whilst small variations in temperature of 2-3 degrees over a larger period of time will have no effect on the wines quality.

Correct wine storage is the key to ensuring your customer receives the wine as intended.

For more information on our temperature controlled storage please contact Paul or Kayla on 08 8382 8882


Container Packing Configurations

A friendly reminder on the importance of configuring your stock prior to delivery. You'll notice the difference when it comes to tight deadlines, how easily and trouble-free a pack can be when your wine is prepared ready for packing. Not to mention the money you can save.

For more information on how to prepare your container pack please contact Ashley Reynolds on 08 8382 8882 or