From climate change to omnipresent plastic waste, 2019 delivered a lot of discouraging environmental news. Several special reports this year from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change documented how global warming is altering the planet’s lands, forests, oceans and frozen regions.

Another U.N. report warned that the Earth is losing species at an alarming rate, with around one million animal and plant species facing extinction. Key causes include changes in land use, such as clearing forests for agriculture; unsustainable fishing rates; climate change; pollution; and the spread of invasive species.

Governments may seem unable or unwilling to confront these challenges, but scholars are proposing innovative solutions. Below are three articles that we published this year that put forth responses to urgent environmental challenges.

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Big challenges call for big responses. Brian S./

Finding opportunity in crisis: 3 essential reads about environmental solutions

Jennifer Weeks, The Conversation

2019 was a big year for dire warmings about the state of the planet, but crises can spur solutions.

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"The most logical and cost-effective way to curb greenhouse gas emissions and remove gases from the atmosphere is by storing carbon in natural ecosystems."


To solve climate change and biodiversity loss, we need a Global Deal for Nature


Greg Asner

Arizona State University

Greg Asner