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A Kwick Update

• Twitter announces new 24/7 live streams across sports, news and entertainment

• Snapchat looks to compliment television with original and pre-recorded shows 

• Facebook is rolling out Instant Games on Messenger, with features that allow developers to create unique experiences for users

• Snapchat launches self-serve ads manager, shifting their focus from giant brands to smaller businesses

• Facebook introduces an Ads Manager plug-in for Excel 2016 which will help advertisers report on their campaigns

For more social updates or ways to enhance your user experience, head to Klick’s blog.

A Flux of Hawai‘ian Culture

The FLUX Hawai‘i Shop, presented by Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania (HTO), popped up this week in Sydney to celebrate HTO’s Month of Lei. The event's launch party kicked things off on 24 May with guests enjoying the best of what modern Hawai‘i has to offer.

The Shop offers goods by a variety of Hawai‘i-based artisans and brands, featuring fashion, accessories, stationery, and art; including a diverse array of Hawai‘ian cultural and creative workshops and “talk stories.”

In addition, FLUX debuted a new line of products made in collaboration with select vendors that were sold exclusively at the launch. This included goods by Leather Soul, Reyn Spooner, Matt Bruening, Salvage Public, HVN Apparel, Island Slipper, Jana Lam, Beachcake and Miemiko.

The shop will be open to the public Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 May at 17 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW, 2021.

The Launch Of The Prince

April saw the relaunch of the new Prince Waikiki Hotel, following a US $55.4 million transformation.

The launch unveiled transformed oceanfront guest rooms and suites, redefined dining options, a modernised lobby with unique personalised services, and a new infinity pool.

All 563 remodeled guest rooms and suites showcase floor-to-ceiling ocean views. With windows that open to tropical breezes, guests have the option to transform their room into their own private lanai.

Latest statistics from Hawai‘i Tourism Oceana (HTO) revealed 335,735 Aussies visited Hawai‘i in 2016 and spent US $877M on their trips, making Australia the third largest international market for Hawai‘i. 

Seven years of Mudgee Food, Wine, and Art at the Pyrmont Festival

May saw the Pyrmont Festival return for its seventh year with a two-week program to showcase the best of the Mudgee Region and Pyrmont Dining Precinct in the form of wine, food and art.

The highlight of the festival was the annual headliner weekend, which was designed for the whole family. With live music, Mudgee artists showcasing their works of art, rides, children’s entertainment and approximately 100 stalls where guests were able to meet wine-makers, participate in tastings and sample a broad range of fine regional produce.

Since the Mudgee Region is the third largest grape-growing region in NSW and one of the oldest wine regions in the state, Sydney-siders proved once again that their love for farm to table produce is at an all-time high. 

We are confident. We are adventurous. We are Untamed Spirits.

One of Klick’s fashion partners, West 14th, has recently launched their newest collection, Untamed Spirit. The new collection is braver and bolder than ever with some incredible ultra-luxe leather pieces that are made to last a lifetime. Every piece of West 14th tells a unique story and is developed to be extra soft, supple and luxurious. 

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The World's First Astrology Hotel

Klick’s Sydney office recently had the pleasure of helping to launch The Ultimo Hotel, the world’s first astrology hotel.

The hotel, located in Haymarket, has everything starry-eyed travellers need in regards to their horoscopes, including readings performed on-site and tailored travel advice for guests based around their star sign.

The Ultimo, in partnership with leading Astrologer Damian Rocks, offers a series of unique experiences throughout the hotel, all designed to align guests with their astrological sign.

Unique experiences include zodiac-tailored city attraction guides, ‘gastrology’ guides (places to eat and drink), ‘experiology’ guides (things to do and see) and daily horoscopes. 

Klick Spotlight

Our favourite Culture Vulture is on the scene. Kate has all the insider intel on who, what, where and when. Here's some insight into her glamorous, star-studded life!

  • Before becoming a publicist, Kate trained and worked as a costume designer
  • She spent one summer as a Camp Counselor in the USA looking after a crazy bunch of teenagers
  • As a teenager Kate played state level soccer for NSW
  • Kate is obsessed with her cat. Every year she throws a birthday party for James Jimmy Campbell, dresses him up and spoils him rotten. She knows she sounds like a crazy cat lady...
  • She is obsessed with reality TV. But that isn’t really a secret