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Desperate Attacks from David Perdue

To:       Friends and Supporters
From:  Chris Crawford – Campaign Manager
Re:      Desperate Attacks from David Perdue
Date:   June 18, 2014

Friend –

In the face of five public polls showing double-digit leads for Jack Kingston, David Perdue’s campaign is grasping at straws.  That’s why they’re out today with desperate attacks trying to distort Jack Kingston’s record as the tested and proven conservative in this race.

Please find a charge and response document below that should help clear up any misconceptions created by these false ads.

CHARGE: “Jack Kingston voted to raise the debt ceiling repeatedly....”

RESPONSE: Jack Kingston is the only candidate in this race who has actually cut the federal budget and has repeatedly voted against raising the debt ceiling.  The limited times he voted to raise it were to ensure Social Security and Medicare payments during the government shutdowns of the mid-1990s, to clear the way for the reforms that led to the first balanced budgets in a generation, and to ensure troops were cared for while in harm’s way.

FACT: David Perdue ran up debt at both Dollar General and Pillowtex before running out of the companies with a golden parachute.  Perdue racked up $475.9 million in debt at Pillowtex and took a $2.4 million golden parachute on the way out the door.  At Dollar General, he upped the ante by taking a $25 million golden parachute after accumulating $5.4 billion in debt overseeing a buyout that garnered 7 class action lawsuits costing the company $40 million to settle.

CHARGE: “He spent our tax dollars on thousands of wasteful earmarks…”

RESPONSE: Jack Kingston led the charge to curtail earmarks.  He wrote the first earmark moratorium bill that was eventually adopted by the full Republican Conference and later all of Congress.

FACT: David Perdue campaigns against federal spending…except when it benefits him.  His company took $3 million from Obama's stmulus and his abysmal tenure at Pillowtex required a $460 million bailout of the company’s pension program.

CHARGE: “while voting to raise his own pay 7 times.”

RESPONSE: Jack Kingston has never voted to raise his pay.  David Perdue is once again desperately trying to distort procedural votes to fit his narrative.   It’s clear he’s grasping at straws.

FACT: Despite bankrupting the 48-year-old company in just 9 months and sticking taxpayers with a $460 million bailout of its pension, David Perdue was the highest paid textile executive in the country while at Pillowtex.

CHARGE: David Perdue is the true conservative who will take on career politicians and the Washington establishment.

FACT: David Perdue is no Georgia conservative.  He’s a moderate flip flopper.

He campaigns against government spending but his company took $3 milllion from Obama's stimulus and David Perdue pocketed a million for his trouble.

He says he’s against amnesty but under Perdue's leadership a national organization actively lobbied for the Senate-passed amnesty bill calling it a "step in the right direction."

He claims to oppose Obamacare but while Jack Kingston was fighting against a government takeover of health care, David Perdue said we needed a "federal solution" for health care - just like Obamacare - and criticized state-based solutions.

He rails against taxes on the campaign trail but in a private meeting with the Macon Telegraph Editorial Board, he said raising taxes would help the economy.

Please make a contribution today to help us respond to these desperate attacks and communicate Jack's conservative message all across Georgia.  We need your help to solidify Jack's lead and continue building the conservative coalition needed to win in November.  Click here to contribute.

Thank you for your continued support.

Chris Crawford
Campaign Manager
Friends of Jack Kingston

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