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Message Stick – Term 3, Week 8
Message from The Very Rev Kanishka Raffel
Year 6 Cup Cake Monday
Gawura Doctor - Dr Shuo Zhao
Year One Science Excursion to Centennial Parklands
Commemoration of the Battle of Australia
Annual Public Speaking Competition
How are classes formed in Middle School?
Parenting Tips - 9 Digital Technology Guidelines for Parents
Sports news
Library news
StartUp - For all aspiring entrepreneurs
Andrean Writer and Artist of the Year
Parent Prayer Meetings for Term 3
Heart Mind Life Awards
Child Care Subsidy
Head Lice Reminder
Uniform Requirements
Wiradjuri – parent and family workshop
Vacation Care

Message Stick – Term 3, Week 8


On Wednesday 5 September our Gawura Stage 2 and 3 students attended the Indigenous Literacy Day at the Sydney Opera House. This has become an annual event for our school and it’s a marvellous opportunity for us to visit the iconic Opera House and also meet up with a variety of other schools who strongly support the wonderful work of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Each year an indigenous community school from outback Western Australia or the Northern Territory send students to Sydney (quite often it’s their first time on an aeroplane) and the students launch a book that they have written which relates to the country or indigenous nation which they belong to. This years’ school came all the way from Katherine in the Northern Territory. Special thanks to Peter’s (Year 4) mum Tina Rae who is our liaison contact and actually works with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The JSGS also hold the annual Indigenous Literacy Great Book Swap Day at the same time. This is where students across both the Junior School and Gawura School bring in a book from home that they have read and swap it over for another book which another student has brought in for a gold coin donation. This year both our schools raised the incredible amount of $513 which is a record (usually it is around $250-$300). Special thanks go to our wonderful JSGS librarian Mrs Paul and our own Gawura Kindergarten teacher Mrs Jane Price for organising this event.

On Friday 7 September the JSGS held the annual Spring Breakfast which celebrates our dads, uncles and pops. Thank you to all the relatives who attended this special morning and for the dad jokes which were quite funny. Gawura’s own Buddy Gordon (father of Nyarla kindy and Aliyah, Year 5) took home a prize as one of the best three dad joke tellers on the day. Well done!

We wish our Year 6 students Torey and Kayliah all the best for their school camp to Canberra on Mon 10/9 and Tues 11/9. We also wish Mariah and Toni all the best for their upcoming CIS Athletics Carnival on Thursday 13/9. The next level is State so no matter what the next result is we are all very proud of you both!

The next GPAC Meeting and Parent Teacher Interview afternoon will also run on Thursday 13/9. Please select a time from the email you have received to speak with your child’s teacher. The interviews will run from 1-5pm on this day. Of course if this day does not suit you then please contact your child’s teacher where they will be most happy to arrange an alternative date and time.

Finally lots of excitement is building for the inaugural Wiradjuri On Country Tour to Dubbo and Bathurst which departs on Tuesday 18/9 and returns Thursday 20/9. We wish all of our indigenous students in both JSGS and the high school from Years 5-12 a wonderful and safe trip filled with lots of indigenous cultural learning. We hope you’ll remember these experiences for a lifetime.

We have many important events coming up so please see the Dates to Remember section below.

I wish you all a safe and pleasant fortnight ahead.

Mr John Ralph
Head of Gawura



Want more photos?

For more pictures, please visit the Gawura Facebook page at


Dates for your calendar

Thursday 13 September: CIS Athletics Carnival

Friday 14 September: IPSHA Gala Debating Day

Monday 17 September: Year 12 Farewell, 2.15pm

Thursday 20 September: Year 1 to Tumbalong Park

Tuesday 18 - Thursday 20 September: Wiradjuri On Country

Monday 24 September: Public Speaking Finals

Monday 24 September: End of Term Assembly, 9.15am

Thursday 27 September: Term 3 concludes for Years K – 6 and Years 8, 9 and 10

Friday 28 September: Term 3 concludes for Years 7, 11 and 12


Message from The Very Rev Kanishka Raffel


It's my great pleasure to inform you that the Head of St Andrew's Cathedral and Gawura Schools, Dr John Collier, is the 2018 recipient of the prestigious Sir Harold Wyndham Medal.

The Sir Harold Wyndham Medal is the top education award in our country, normally the preserve of Directors-General of Education, Presidents or CEOs of NESA, inspirational educational academics and the occasional Minister for Education. The Medal is given by the Australian College of Educators and recognises outstanding contribution by an individual to the education of young people in NSW. Dr Collier is the first Head of an independent school in the 24 years of the award to be given this honour.

The Award celebrates Dr Collier's commitment to academic excellence, strong pastoral care, vibrant co-curricular programmes, modes, including within Christian education, of engaging young people in authentic and critical thinking, and the development of well-rounded young people who will become successful adults and active citizens.

We are already well aware of our great fortune in having an educator of such caliber at the helm, and this prestigious acknowledgement by his peers only further bolsters our gratitude.
Dr Collier has served for 29 years as a Principal, in both government and independent sectors – since 2010 at SACS. Beyond our school, Dr Collier’s contributions are extensive,  including as Chair of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (NSW/ACT), Chairman of the Independent Sporting Association and State Chair of the Heads of International Baccalaureate Schools group.

On behalf of the School Council I am delighted to express our warm congratulations to Dr Collier. He regards working with young people as his life’s work, and his commitment and achievements make him a most worthy recipient of the Sir Harold Wyndham Medal for 2018.

We look forward to our students, and the broader education community, continuing to benefit from his esteemed leadership and his profound insights to the evolution of the education profession for many years to come.

The Very Rev Kanishka Raffel


Year 6 Cup Cake Monday


On Monday Year 6 held their first Cup Cake stall to raise money for the end of Year 6 Graduation celebration. There was a wonderful mixture of home baked and store-bought delights. Trading was quick and fast! The Year 6 students made enthusiastic sellers and encouraged everyone to buy. We managed to raise over $800. Our sincere thank you to all Year 6 parents who sent in cakes for the day and for the entire Junior School for their very much appreciated support.

Mrs Rohrlach
Stage 3 Coordinator and Year 6 students


Gawura Doctor - Dr Shuo Zhao


I would like to advise you that we have secured the services of a very generous doctor in the city who is willing to see our Gawura students and their families free of charge (he will bulk bill through Medicare) if the need arises.

Dr Shuo (Shore) Zhao is located at Level 1, 70 Pitt St, Sydney. You can book an appointment with him on any Wednesday and Friday morning between 8am – 12pm. The number of the practice is 02 9233 3399.

We understand that many parents already have their own doctor that they use, possibly even through the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) in Redfern but this is just another option for you to use if you choose to do so and one that is located in the city, near our school.


Year One Science Excursion to Centennial Parklands


On Monday 3 September, Year One went to Centennial Park to learn about animals and where they live.

First, we saw an earwig, a spider and lots of slaters on a bug hunt.
Next, we went to Lachlan Swamp, where we saw a Tawny Frogmouth Owl, possums and hanging fruit bats. Then we saw a kookaburra, geese, ibis and some black swans. We talked about how they use their necks in different ways to find their food.
After a while we went dip netting in the lake to find water creatures.
We had a great day being outside and finding out more about the world.

– Violet Bloxom (Year 1)


Commemoration of the Battle of Australia


It was the privilege of students from St Andrew’s Cathedral School to represent our school at the Commemoration of the Battle of Australia in Martin Place.

Marked as a National Day of Remembrance, this service honours those who served on land, sea and in the air to defend Australia from direct threat between 1942 and 1945.

On Wednesday 5 September 2018 our Cathedral Choristers lead the Martin Place Cenotaph gathering as they sang the hymn based on the 23rd Psalm; The Lord Is My Shepherd. They were accompanied by the NSW Police Force band. Following the Last Post and Rouse, the Choristers then performed Rutter’s boys’ voices-only setting of the moving anthem, The Lord Bless You and Keep You.

Our Junior School was admirably represented by Joshua Choi (6C) and Charlotte Azardon (6T), who joined other local representatives in laying sprigs of battle as a floral tribute to those who served.

This week, Joshua and I went with Mrs Adcock to the Sydney Cenotaph in Martin Place. We laid floral tributes on the monument as a part of the service. It was very interesting, and I enjoyed it very much. We stood in silence for a minute’s reflection, sang and prayed. We all received a medallion that says Honouring Australia World War One, Lest we Forget, 19-14-1918. I am glad that I could be there.

– Charlotte Azardon (Year 6)


Annual Public Speaking Competition


During Term 3, the Junior School and Gawura School will be holding its Annual Public Speaking Competition. From our youngest students in Early Stage 1 all the way through to our Stage 3 students, all will be preparing something to present to their class.

The aim of the Public Speaking Competition is to provide students with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to express themselves clearly, with confidence and power, in a variety of speaking situations.

  • Stage 1 and Early Stage 1 will be reciting a tongue twister.
  • Stage 2 will be reciting a performance poem
  • Stage 3 will be presenting a three-minute speech on a topic of their choice.

Heats will determine the finalists from each class before our Stage Finals which will happen in Week 10. Week commencing 24 September.

Parents and friends are most welcome to attend these finals, with more information to be sent soon.

There is also a wonderful opportunity for our Stage 3 winners to represent St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Term 4 at the IPSHA Public Speaking Competition.

Alex Vanny
Junior School Teacher


How are classes formed in Middle School?


A question is often asked, how are classes formed in Middle School? What is the process?

In answer to these questions I will outline a little of what happens in Term 4 of each year in preparation for the following year. In October this year all Year 6 students enrolled for SACS in Year 7 will sit Allwell testing. These include the current Junior School students and those coming from outside the school.

When the results of the testing come in, they are sent to various Leaders of Learning, the Specialised Learning Department, myself, Mr Bruce Perry and Mr John Partington. The classes are then formed using the results as well as a variety of other data and factors. When the classes are formed they are sent for review to the Junior School, to ensure the students have been placed correctly and that students who may not work well together are in different classes as much as possible.

In Year 7 2019 there will be two extension English, Maths and Science/Technology classes with the rest mixed ability. There will also be 1 or perhaps 2 extension classes in Music. The classes for Language are based on the student’s choice of language. For Chinese there will be 2 classes where one is for those who have learnt the language previously and the other for those who are new to the language. The other subjects will be mixed ability classes.
Great care is taken in the formation of classes but sometimes a student may be misplaced. Because this can happen all classes are reviewed at the end of Semester 1 in year 7 and slight changes may be made. Some students need to move to the mixed ability and some need to move to the extension classes. Parents will receive notification if this will happen for their son or daughter.

I hope this clarifies the process of forming classes for Year 7, 2019.

Mrs Kate Layhe
Director of Learning (Middle School)


Parenting Tips - 9 Digital Technology Guidelines for Parents


I really enjoy reading the blogs from Parenting Ideas. They have up to date information and ideas. Martine Oglethorpe, is an accredited speaker with the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and has presented to numerous parent groups, schools and teachers. She is a speaker, counsellor and educator with a passion for building resilient kids in a digital world. Martine wrote this interesting article this week and it seems to be a hot topic around educational circles. This quote, I think should set us all thinking before we start educating our children for a digital world!

“Before we help our young people, it’s best to look at our own digital habits to make sure we are providing them with what they need – that is, leading by example and being balanced role models who know when to use and when not to use their devices.”

Martine has listed nine ideas for parents and teachers when looking at digital technology guidelines.

Know what the rules and expectations are at school

School digital device policies make a great starting point for families. Every school is different. In the Junior School at SACS, our policy is that mobile phones are switched off when entering school and are to be kept in bags. Ipads are only to be used for school work and all notifications are to be turned off during school. Importantly, support the school and keep your own expectations in line with theirs.

Specify hours for digital use

Set the ground rules for when your youngsters can use their tablets and phones, and when they need to shut them off for the night. It’s just a smart way to build a habit for the whole family so it becomes ingrained and just the way things are done in your home.

Consider a digital device ‘contract’

Mobile phone ‘contracts’ were popular with parents a few years back and they are still a smart way to go. Clearly set out your digital device usage guidelines and print them in an agreement that you and your young one can both sign. If there are any disputes, then you both have the expectations in writing.
Lay out consequences from the start
Make the consequences clear for breaking the rules, such as taking away the phone or tablet for a set period of time. But remember, the goal isn’t to punish them, but just to set clear boundaries.

Talk about respectful relationships, safety and pornography

You can’t let your young person loose in the digital world without having several conversations about how to stay safe online, how to show respectful behaviour and be aware of the pitfalls of pornography. Each of these topics is a separate issue on its own, but each is deeply affected by the virtual, boundary-free nature of digital technology. This kind of digital exposure can have massive ramifications on the growth and development of young people, especially when it comes to the quality of their relationships and well-being.

Be prepared to learn

Be ready to learn about social media, and the different apps and games that young people may be playing. But at the same time, be mindful of their boundaries. A recent Australian survey found that young people see TV-watching as a way of connecting to their family, and social media as a way of connecting to their friends.

Change the rules if necessary

Many families will have a young one who believes that rules are made to be broken. They are the ones always pushing past their boundaries, their own limits and the limits of their parents’ patience. Be prepared to keep evolving your rules based on your young person’s behaviour, maturity, sleep habits, their tendency to leave homework or chores unfinished, bullying or any number of issues that will invariably crop up to make them feel like your rules just aren’t working.

Keep digital devices out of the bedroom

If there was one rule that you should stay firm on, then this is the one. Many young people are in a constant sleep deficit as it is without bringing digital devices into the mix. They may say they want to charge it in their room. Keep the charger in a public place.

Have a ‘digital detox’ one day a week

The only way that this idea will work is if you join them in making one day a week a digital device-free day. They will probably not like it, and neither will you, but the point of having one day off is to prove that they can live without their digital device, and involve them in different forms of communication and entertainment.
“Digital technology is now an integral part of our lives, but it’s not the only option we have for entertainment, information and or communication. They are far more likely to walk our walk than follow our talk. It’s not easy, but with a little effort and forethought, it does not have to be such a daunting proposition.”
A challenging idea for us all to consider.

Joy Rohrlach
Stage 3 Coordinator and Classroom Teacher


Sports news


We’ve had some amazing efforts recently in the sporting arena and plenty of congratulations are in order…

Congratulations to Brendan Bennett and John Cameron-Murphy who both represented CIS in the recent NSWPSSA Rugby Union tournament in Coffs Harbour. Both boys were integral parts of the team and are exciting young rugby talents. The boys played so well, along with their teammates, that they won the whole tournament! Brendan has also been selected for the NSW invitation side in the state championships in October, which is incredible recognition for his efforts.

Congratulations to Cadel Holmes who not only won two events at the recent ASISSA Athletics Carnival, but broke records in Junior High Jump and Junior Long Jump. This is an incredible effort from Cadel, he’s now officially the best high jump and long jump athlete ASISSA has ever had in the Junior age group!

Congratulations to Georgia Wansey who was awarded the Junior Girls Age Champion medal at the ASISSA Athletics Carnival. The Junior age bracket is for students aged 8-10, who all compete together. Georgia is only nine years old, but still managed to be the best in her age bracket and take home the medal – awesome effort Georgia!

Tony Dunseath
Coordinator of Sport and Cocurricular K-6, PDHPE Teacher


Library news


Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) 2018.

Congratulations to the following students who have completed their challenge:

Annabelle Douglas, Parker Edwards, Austin Sneesby, Oscar Xu, Taali Paku, Evren Gel, Rory McMahon, Olivia Desillas, William Edwards, Veda Vonghangool, Anthony Wu, Aidan Newling, Rachel Tanong, Kailan Keegan, Kaleb Roberts, Peta-Lacey Smith, Christian Desillas, Lilie Bennett, Sonny Rossiter, Peter Brogan, Joylara Ingram, Maya Steemers, Jada Caldwell, Liam Flick, Joshua Morgan, Aliyah Arabi, Mariah Keegan, Toni King, Flynn O'Reilly, Oscar Dance, Stanley Hickey, Nathan Williamson, Daniel Mackay, Andrew Medellin, Eva Still, Kayliah Keegan, Weng Kwong Mah, Torey Thomas Martin, Eloise Baxter, Finn O'Brien, Selina Yang, Nicholas Bell, Cecilia Choi, Willis Leung, Matthew Lim, Anna Rohde, Clara Rohde and Amy Diaz.

The PRC has now closed for 2018. So start reading and keeping a record of it. It all counts towards 2019!

Book draw

Our fourth and final book draw for 2018 will take place in the final week of Term 3, so keep bringing your entries in.

Book Week: “Find your treasure” in the library.

Thank you to everyone who came in and got involved in all the crazy pirate fun we had over the week.

Congratulations to all our entrants in our various competitions this year and of course to our winners.

Guessing competition:
Etta Gaspar

What’s your treasure?
(Infants) Aadya Dua
(Primary) Ilia Campbell

Pop-up pirate librarians:
Oscar Su

Class pirate names:
1S: Year 1 super scary, shiver-me timbers crew, sailing across the seven seas!
6T: Thompson’s Treacherous Tyrants
Frances Watts and David Legge.

ell weren’t they fun to have? They led each stage through how they met, read us stories (often in costume), had us dancing and gave us drawing lessons and writing tips and all in 1 hour! They were fantastic and we have many lasting memories with all our library books being signed, and even more going home with students, and a Captain Crabclaw all of our very own to hang in the library. You’ll be able to find the panda in the Mandarin room (he’s very much at home in there) and the human figure in action taking up appropriate residence in our art space where he can be studied and admired by all. They truly were a magnificent pair to have visit us.


Book Week Parade

This was our best book parade to-date, with almost everyone in costume and the venue being The Cathedral. Thank you to everyone who made this so incredible and to all our students for being so engaged and patient throughout. Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone for coming in, not only with a book but for considering the character strengths of the people they dressed up as, as well. What a way to finish a wonderful week of literature.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s Book Swap

Thank you for all the beautiful donations that came in this year for the book swap. We had a wonderful selection of books to offer all our stages during lunchtimes and made just over $500 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Well done SACS!

Australian Reading Hour

This year SACS libraries are participating in the Australian Reading Hour. On Thursday 20 September the three lunchtimes in the Junior School and Gawura libraries will be open for reading. We’ll make available a whole range of new and engaging books to explore and some special books we have held in a closed reserve collection.

Why read?

“Most vital human functions are accompanied by pleasure, and reading is no exception. I’m proud and delighted to be an Australian Reading Hour Ambassador for 2018, and to use the opportunity to gently remind the adult community that young people deserve that pleasure every day. They also need it, because no other activity will better equip young people to embrace their futures in a sometimes dark and uncertain world with optimism, resolve and creativity. Our stories have saved us in the past, and in the minds of young readers they can again.”

Morris Gleitzman
Children’s Laureate and 2018 Australian Reading Hour Ambassador

Svetlana Paul
Junior School and Gawura Teacher Librarian


StartUp - For all aspiring entrepreneurs


StartUp Finale

Our inaugural StartUp learning venture comes to a head at the Finale on 21 September. It is the culmination of five weeks of creativity and development by more than 23 teams of students, who were guided by experienced start-up mentors.

Our top 10 teams will display their final prototypes on the night and our top three finalists will present their creations and business models to a panel of three expert judges. The winning team will receive the title 'Entrepreneur of the Year' and receive a $2000 scholarship to develop their concept further. The 'Pivot' and 'Booster' runners-up will receive support to launch their venture.

Come along and discover how enterprising our students have been and help decide the 'People's Choice' award!


Book now:


Andrean Writer and Artist of the Year


This competition will recognise the top three entries from the Junior School for both writing and art, with the winners announced at the Evening of Celebration and Prize-giving in December.

Australian Bush Stories

Stories must be set in the Australian Bush. Student name and Year level clearly labelled.

Entries can be handwritten or typed and max word limits are as follows:

  • Kindergarten – 100 words
  • Year 1-2 – 200 words
  • Year 3-4 – 400 words
  • Year 5-6 – 1000 words

Please hand to or email: Junior School Reception with the subject title 'Bush Story'.

Australian Bush Artwork

Entries must be A3 size, no more than 5mm thick, student name and Year level clearly marked.
Painting, textiles, drawing, printmaking, photography, graphic design, etc.

Artwork must be set in the Australian bush.

Please submit Year K-6 entries to Junior School Reception

Competition details and prizes

Winning entries will be judged on creativity, skill, engagement of the audience and originality in exploring the theme. Entries must be composed this year and no group entries are permitted. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.

1st Round:

Junior School and Gawura entries are judged by Mrs Robson (Stories) and Mrs Edwards (Artworks). Finalists will receive certificates.

2nd Round:

The finalists will be judged by Dr Collier

Junior Andrean Writer and Artist of the Year

  • Junior Andrean Writer of the Year
    $120 voucher – Announced at Evening of Celebration and Prize-giving.
  • Junior Andrean Artist of the Year
    $120 voucher – Announced at Evening of Celebration and Prize-giving.

Who will be your inspiration?

May Gibbs, Normal Lindsay, Banjo Patterson, Henry Lawson, Sally Morgan, Albert Namatjira, Mem Fox, Ken Done, Tom Roberts, Sidney Nolan, Fred McCubbin, Grace Cossington-Smith.


All entries due by Friday 19 October

Submit Bush Stories here:   

Submit Bush Artwork to Junior School Reception.                                                           


Parent Prayer Meetings for Term 3


Thursday 20 September 7.30-8.15am / 1.00-2.00pm

You are invited to join with other parents to pray for our school community at our Breakfast Meeting (7.30-8.15am) or Lunchtime Meeting (1-2pm) in the Community Hub, Level 4, SAH.

Muffins will be provided in the morning and BYO lunch for the afternoon meeting. Tea and coffee will also be available.

Irmgard Pascoe
0439 942 204



Heart Mind Life Awards

Joylara Ingram (Year 4) For caring for others in a servant-hearted manner
Joshua Morgan (Year 4) For having a heart that is always showing care for others
Sonny Rossiter (Year 4) For approaching learning tasks with an inquiring mind and caring attitude
Matilda Bray (Year 1) Continual improvement in writing skills as demonstrated during expressive writing
Peta-Lacey Smith (Year 3) For demonstrating persistence when completing work tasks
Jada Caldwell (Year 4) For demonstrating increased willingness to participate in a range of school activities
Stanley Hickey (Year 5) For being wise and discerning
Mariah Keegan (Year 5) For showing persistence in her work

Child Care Subsidy


Download the PDF here:

Eligibility is explained further at:


Head Lice Reminder


The facts


Head lice infestations are a common occurrence, particularly in primary schools.

  • about 23% of primary students have head lice at any one time
  • anyone can catch head lice regardless of their age, sex, or how clean their hair is
  • head lice move from one person’s head to another via hair
  • head lice do not survive long when they are off a human head
  • head lice do not live on furniture, hats, bedding or carpet
  • head lice have built up some resistance to head lice treatments


Daily combing of white hair conditioner using a fine tooth comb is effective in getting rid of head lice and eggs (nits).



Tips for parents in reducing the spread of head lice

As infestations are particularly common in primary schools, it is best to choose a treatment that can be used over time. There is no single solution to eradication, only persistence.

  • regularly check your children’s hair
  • teach older children to check their own hair
  • tie back and braid long hair
  • keep a fine tooth head lice comb in the bathroom and encourage all family members to use it when they wash their hair

Where one student has head lice this serves as a warning light that there is likely to be an infestation in either specific classes or across the whole school population, including staff. The school will contact parents when infestations of head lice occur and request that parents examine their child’s hair and undertake treatment where eggs or lice are identified


Uniform Requirements


Winter uniform requirements for Term 2 and Term 3

St Andrew’s Cathedral School is one of the most visible schools in NSW with students moving between buildings throughout the day, seniors visiting the Town Hall Arcade during lunch and over a thousand of our students catching public transport all over Sydney and beyond as they travel to and from school. Parents send their children to St Andrew’s because of its high standards in academic, pastoral care, co-curricular and Christian education. In turn, St Andrew’s has high expectations of students. Literature also shows that good uniform standards lead to reduced discipline problems, an increased sense of belonging and higher academic engagement and standards. It also shows pride in the school.

Winter uniform is to be worn from the beginning of Term 2, students have been reminded of our uniform standards.

Below is an outline of the topics that have been discussed:

  • Hair – to be neat and tidy. Hair cuts must be conventional and unlikely to cause comment. No shaved sections, no facial hair. Girls’ hair to be completely tied back; boys’ hair to be cut above the collar and eyebrows.
  • Shirts & Ties –shirts must be tucked in, top buttons done up and boys’ ties worn correctly at the neck. Shirt sleeves not to be rolled up.
  • Blazers – to be worn to and from School and between buildings. (If it is very hot, I will communicate to students a variation to this rule on the day)
  • Jewellery – no rings, bracelets, necklaces. Only one pair of earrings for girls - small sleepers or simple studs only. No other piercings allowed. No earrings for boys.
  • Makeup – no makeup or nail polish allowed.
  • Sport Uniform – students to wear SACS tracksuit/sports uniform to and from venues.
  • Shoes – black leather traditional school shoes. No casual style allowed. Please see student diary for allowable styles.
  • Socks – Boys must wear grey or black socks. Girls must wear white plain socks that sit above the ankle. Socklets are not allowed.
  • Skirts – skirt hems should be at the knee. Skirts must not be rolled.

Please be aware that these expectations and standards remain applicable to the very last day of the school year. For those who have winter uniform requirements, please contact Mr Ralph or the Uniform Store, on 9286 9547 for a fitting time.

  • Please label all new (and old) items of uniform.
  • The Uniform store normal Hours of Operation are:
  • Monday – Wednesday – Thursday  |  8am to 3.30pm

Home reading

To improve reading and fluency, we ask students to do the following every night:

K-2          10-15 minutes home reading a night

Year 3      at least 15 minutes home reading a night

Year 4      at least 20 minutes home reading a night

Year 5      at least 25 minutes home reading a night

Year 6      at least 30 minutes home reading a night


Wiradjuri – parent and family workshop


Wiradjuri Language Nest – Gawura and SACS parent workshop

The parent Wiradjuri workshop has started for 2018. This is an amazing opportunity to support and contribute to the revival of Indigenous languages. I am delighted to say that the program is absolutely free. The weekly workshop is on Tuesday afternoons, 3.15pm-4.15pm and is open to all Gawura/SACS parents and family members.

Please contact Mr Ralph on 0411 040 193 if you are interested in joining the group.


Vacation Care


Term 3 concludes for Years K-6 and Years 8, 9 and 10: Thursday 27 September

Term 3 concludes for Years 7, 11 and 12: Friday 28 September

Term 4 commences: Monday 15 October

Visit the website for more information:




Uniform Store

For those who still have 2018 uniform requirements please contact the Uniform Store, on 92869547 for a fitting time. Remember that students in Kindergarten to Year 6 wear the same uniform so please label all items of uniform.


Mobile phone use

Older students, who travel to and from school on public transport and have a mobile phone, need to ensure that they are switched off during the school day and kept in school bags or handed to your child’s/children’s teacher each morning.


Health Centre

Please send in a note detailing any daily medication needs. Daily medication is to be dispensed by the School Nurse at the Sick Bay. Any medication to be dispensed by the School Nurse must be given to the nurse in its original box (containing the prescription label and your child’s name).



If your child/children are absent from school, I ask that you text or call Neal on 0439 653 334 or the Reception on 9286 9500 before 9am to notify us. The school requires a note from a parent or guardian explaining any absence from school.


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