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Haiti 2021 Earthquake: Situation Report #1


On Saturday morning, August 14th, at approximately 08:30 ET, a strong 7.2 earthquake struck western Haiti. 

While information is slow in coming in from the impact zone, we know that the 7.2 earthquake that struck western Haiti has caused widespread damage and has caused some fatalities.  In a phone call with a local partner, we learned that a staff member’s mother lost her life when a wall collapsed on her.  Others within the organization have suffered extensive property damage.

The immediate need will be for emergency food supplies and tarps to provide shelter from the elements and other basic necessities.  Food security in Haiti has been difficult for some time due to disruption of the supply chain — stemming from political instability and gang activity.  Conditions may be complicated even further should tropical storm Grace make landfall, as some models show.

An assessment team led by Hope Force Haiti Coordinator, Rene Lako, will be conducting initial assessments, beginning Sunday August 15th, in collaboration with a local partner.  It will be our goal to work in tandem with our partner as they are well positioned to facilitate the distribution of goods and to identify those with the greatest need.

Prayers for the people of Haiti, safety, direction and the ability to ascertain how Hope Force can respond are deeply appreciated.  Stand by for further developments as more information becomes available. 

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