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It's still July, right? Whew, that was close. We've been super busy and now have a ton of stuff to tell you about. (A metric ton, even — which is over 2200 pounds!) So, if you'll allow us to bend your ear for a moment....

Launched: Beals Design-Build

Beals Design-Build

Join us in welcoming Beals Design-Build to the world wide web. Beals has long been a bustling design and build shop with innovative design ideas, largely keeping busy with word of mouth. When they decided to expand their presence online, we had a clean slate to work with. We designed their new identity and also brought it to life on the web. Read all about the project.

Launched: Better Together Bake Shop

Better Together Bake Shop

Husband and wife team Todd and Kestra bake delicious, make you fall over smiling, put you in a state of chocolaty bliss, tasty good organic brownies. We were delighted to create a website that expresses the exuberance and quality ingredients that go into each and every brownie they bake. Head straight to the website, see the before and after images, or wade through our geek recipe for lots of nerdy technological detail.


Happy Anniversary!

Happy 3 year anniversary to the fun, talented team at Savoir Flair! The magazine has grown quite a bit since we launched the site back in 2009; Savoir Flair is not only the Middle East’s first online fashion magazine, but has become the de facto source for fashion not only in the Middle East, but worldwide as well.

Here's to another 3 years... or maybe 30!

Meanwhile... In the Blog

That's it. All we have left is to say thank you for your support, your friendship, and for taking the time to listen to us. We firmly believe that our best work is ahead of us and we do hope you'll be a part of it. Bye!

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