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Issue #4 | July 8, 2011 | Special "Resident Passport" Issue
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Announcing: Resident Passports™ by BuildingLink!

For identity, for security, for convenience, for style, for membership, for savings, or just for the fun of it!

sample cards

If you could snap your fingers, and with no more effort than that, be able to automatically provide for each of your buildings a beautifully-stylized, full-color laminate card for each Resident, that:

  • Identifies each resident by name, picture, apartment #, move-in date or any other data field in the BuildingLink database – for when you need that extra bit of security.
  • Elegantly signifies each resident’s membership in your building’s unique community and culture.
  • Allows each resident to take advantage of discounts from neighborhood businesses, or from the rapidly growing BuildingLink Offers™ network of participating companies.
  • Conveniently provides to your Residents (on the reverse side) useful information such as management company or front desk contact info, after-hours or emergency phone numbers.

Would you do it? You sure would! Well, now you can with Resident Passports™ by BuildingLink! (Did we already say “effortlessly”?)

How does it work? Just tell us how you want your Resident Passports to look, and we do the rest. Our powerful BuildingLink database paired with our in-house proprietary card printing system enables us to create just about anything you can imagine - we can even add magnetic stripe encoding, or barcodes, or Prox Card functionality. (New people moving in? We already know about it from the BuildingLink database, and we generate and mail their cards to you automatically!)

sample cards

Imagine the possibilities...

  • Monitor access to building amenities like the gym, spa, or roof deck
  • Allow residents to sign up for classes or to take advantage of a neighborhood special offer.
  • Issue special “gold” cards for those residents deserving special recognition or privileges.
  • Replace your “blah” looking generic access control cards with a work of beauty.
  • Preload your Resident Passport with cash value so it can be used for facility use fees or service charges

And since all of the card data (including photos) can be automatically pulled directly from the BuildingLink database, we may already have everything that you need to get started. Just email us at If you need a few answers check out the FAQ.

Resident Passports™ by BuildingLink. We do the work. You take the credit.

Other News:

KeyLink by BuildingLink® Production Run #1 Sells Out.

The first production run of our revolutionary electronic key storage system is all sold out, and an additional 31 customers have already placed their orders for our second product run. Is this what we expected? No, it’s much better than we ever imagined. And the thanks go to you, our loyal customers, who pushed us to develop and deliver the elegant and intuitive key solution you hoped for. Click here to read the interesting KeyLink backstory.

KeyLink System

1000 BUILDINGS! Not that we’re counting, but….

Card in hand

…it was hard not to notice the excitement in our offices on June 16th, when the Parc Somerset Condominium’s signed customer order arrived in our inbox, becoming our one thousandth building! That’s over half a million residents, in 22 states, 5 countries and 4 continents! Congratulations to all, especially to those of you who’ve been with us from the start; you’ve proven your ability to pick a winner!

Read about this exciting milestone in

Did you know... about our Live Chat System?

Our new Live Chat function puts our crackerjack BuildingLink Support team right at your fingertips. Get the help you want, the moment you want it. It’s easy! Just click on the icon at the top right hand corner of your dashboard and voila! You are chatting directly with our support staff. (Not even our CEO has that kind of access!) Can’t wait to try it out? Go on, make up an excuse to chat with us- we’ll understand :)

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