...to the first AWe-Shot of 2016.

The start to 2016 has been a mixed one for many; at this time of year we look forward to the year ahead, setting goals and often thoughts turn to holiday plans. However, countless individuals and businesses are trying to return their lives to something like normality after the devastation of the winter floods.

In this edition we look at what lines of support are available to individuals, voluntary and community groups and businesses affected by the floods, and for those in the building and allied trades getting stuck in helping to dry out and rebuild homes, we discuss why leaving the administration to the bottom of the heap may get you an unpleasant visit from the taxman.

Also in this edition we have a variety of interesting articles to help you get your personal and business finances off on the right footing in 2016.

If you have any questions or comments on this edition, get in touch, we’re a nice bunch and would be happy to hear from you.

Andrew Kennon, Corporate Director


Support for the Victims of Flooding

Just weeks after the devastating storms battered various counties across the country, many individuals and businesses will be well under way with the process of trying to return their lives to normality.

Richard Askew details the support available to individuals, voluntary and community groups and businesses affected by the floods.

Click here for details...


Working on Flooded Homes – don’t get soaked by the tax man in 2016

After the devastating floods this winter many of our clients in the building and allied trades are getting stuck in helping to dry out and rebuild homes.

With so much work to do, and the desire to get people home as soon as possible, it’s really tempting to leave the administration to the bottom of the heap.

But the result of this approach for many tradesmen after previous peaks in work on other major flood incidents was a soaking from the tax man. 

Helen Thornley explains why...


Auto Enrolment - what is postponement?

Employers approaching their Staging Date can choose to postpone Automatic Enrolment for up to three months.  Read more here...


Seven Key Performance Indicators Retailers Should Measure to be More Profitable


As an advisor to independent retail businesses across Cumbria, Grant Smith is often asked if there are ways to be more profitable in an industry savaged by the online world.

There is no magic solution to this but what successful retailers have in common is that they use the information they have within their business to help them make better more informed decisions. This in turn helps them make a better return on their business.

So what information should retailers be measuring? Grant Smith explains...


Essentials of Pensions Tax and Payroll in 2016 Event

Top speakers including Minister David Gauke, Financial Secretary to the Treasurer and Mike Crabtree, Head of Business Customer Experience and Insight Team from HMRC’s BC&S department will be speaking alongside MP John Stevenson and our own in house pension, paroll and tax experts. The event will give you an insight into the important changes to these areas which will affect business in 2016. This is a free event not to be missed.  Spaces are limited  first come first served. Find out more here...


The Most Important Piece of Financial Advice?

Justin Rourke  has enjoyed seeing his clients grow their families, build up their careers and even set up their own businesses.

There are many examples of past advice scenarios that stick in Justin's mind but he believes that the most important piece of advice he has ever provided was to a young gentleman in his mid 20’s. Find out more here...


FRS102 - Top 5 Points for First-Time Adoption

FRS102 is replacing current accounting standards. This will mean your accounts will look different, profits could change, your remuneration packages and bonus schemes may also change as well as your tax position. Are you ready?

Andrew Kennon shares his Top 5 points on first time adoption.


A Taxing Divorce

While it may sound clichéd, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from family solicitors that enquiries from people contemplating divorce increase in the New Year.

In any separation, in addition to family, practical and emotional concerns, there are also tax and legal aspects to consider.  Helen Thornley explains further…