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Dear subscriber,

Nice to meet so many of you this summer!

Many of you will be receiving this e-newsletter for the first time after meeting us and signing up at an event in the last month or so; we have been incredibly lucky to meet so many interesting and enthusiastic people.  Many of you will have signed a Petition Fish scale (see below), made a badge or been given some free Mini Meadow seeds at our stalls!

Our biggest success this event season so far was our fun Urban Woodland Experience at the Riverside Festival.  It has been a great season, and with much more to come, we hope you continue to be involved with the Wildilfe in the City project.

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Meet our fox

Name the Fox - click here

Meet the Wildlife in the City Fox, the newest member of our team.  The fox will mainly be involved in the new Wildlife in the City website (coming later this year).  Trouble is, the fox hasn't got a name!

Help us name the fox!

Have an idea what our fox should be called?

Email what you think the Wildlife in the City Fox should be called by clicking here to complete a short form by Friday 1st October 2011.  The City Fox naming competition is open to Nottingham City folk only - the person who suggests the winning name will receive a prize of a wildlife goodie bag!


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Focus on: Clifton

Breck's Plantation, one of 3 Wildlife in the City sites

Wildlife in the City works across the whole of Nottingham City, but is particularly aimed at improving access to green spaces in certain areas.  One of these target areas is Clifton, where we have 3 Wildlife in the City sites. Both the Nottingham City Council Parks team, and Nottinghamshire Wildilfe Trust have a long history of involvement

We would really love to hear from all residents, so, if you are from Clifton head to this short survey and tell us your views.

We are also really keen to hear from Clifton residents interested in getting involved in a wildlife group to support our work in the area. 

Click here to email the Wildlife in the City team directly  if you would be keen to get a bit more involved.

Target areas

Our other target areas are Bulwell, Aspley and Broxtowe estate, Bestwood Estate, Sneinton and The Meadows.  If you come from one of these areas and would like to get more involved, get in touch.

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Wildlife to watch this September...

Field Scabious - one of the Mini Meadows wildflowers. Click for more minimeadow information.

Let's not wish away summer quite yet, but there has been a lot of talk recently about leaves turning brown early, and autumn berries ripening in late July and August.

Click here to let Wildlife in the City know about any unusual wildlife you have noticed in the Nottingham City area.

Normal September wildlife spottings include starlings and house martins beginning to gather to migrate to their winter home.  You may have already noticed that most swifts have already left.

Also, in September, you may  see  late Wildflowers (including knapweed and scabius flowers).  It is a good time to dig out your Mini Meadows seeds if you got a packet this year, as we advise planting them in late September/October for flowers next year!

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Protect our seas!

Wildlife in the City in the Market Square 'Beach' with the mayor and sherriff of Nottingham and their friends. Click to join them in the Petition fish campaign.

Some of you who have seen us this summer, may have noticed our big blue plastic fish!  Hopefully if you did you 'signed a scale' and joined our 'Petition Fish' campaign.

Petition Fish

Petition Fish is a national campaign  to protect our seas.  There is currently extremely little protection for the wildlife in our seas.  This petition will be taken to the government next year to ask for protection of areas of the sea and for both rare species and vulnerable habitats against current threats.

"But Nottingham doesn't have sea?!"

Although Nottingham is as far away from the seaside as you can get in the UK, we are still influenced by the health of the sea (and the quality of air it creates, and the food it produces).  Many of us have enjoyed the sea and on seaside trips too, so Wildlife in the City has joined the campaign!  Ultimately, the future of our seas affects us all.

Did you know?

The River Trent, which runs through Nottingham City, flows straight out to sea!

Wildlife in the City is excited to support this campaign, keep an eye on the progress yourself at the Petition Fish webpage.   If you don't see us at an event to sign a scale, then you can also sign the petition online.

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Upcoming events

The City events this month are all led by the Nottingham City Council Park Ranger team.  For more information see their events webpage.


Join the Park Ranger for an evening walk around this site to discover and identify which bats are living in this urban environment. Meet at Russell Avenue entrance.


Join the Park Ranger for an evening walk around this site to discover and identify which bats are living in this urban environment. Meet at the Tram stop.


Join the Park Ranger for an evening walk around this site to discover and identify which bats are living in this urban environment. Meet at the Pirate Ship.

Details of all Wildlife in the City events can currently be found on our campaign page.

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To end on a joke...


Q. Why do bee's hum?

A. Because they always forget the words!


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Protecting Wildlife for the Future