National parks, whales, maritime traditions and more! ST. LAWRENCE
Parc national du Bic
Photo: Mathieu Dupuis
What to See:
Coastal National Parks and Natural Sites

The maritime regions of Québec are home to many national parks and natural sites that offer breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence. Whether from a clifftop or mountaintop or along the shores of an island, the scenery that awaits you here is always unique and spectacular. Click here for some suggestions of places to visit as soon as it is possible to travel again.

Be Inspired by the St. Lawrence…
Whale Watching
Photo: Mathieu Dupuis
What to Do:
Whale Watching

Did you know that you can admire up to 13 species of whales in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence? Here are a few whale-watching sites to add to your itinerary during your next stay in our regions.

Photo: Mathieu Dupuis
What to Discover:
Maritime Traditions

The St. Lawrence is part of the daily lives of those who live near it. Here are some examples: strolls along the waterfront, fishing from the end of a wharf, seafood season, etc. Find out more.

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Visit our page dedicated to the St. Lawrence to find out more: road trip ideas, what to see, what to discover, what to do, where to stay, etc.

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