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Results of Auction 14 FM licences

The winning bidders of the recent auction for FM sound broadcasting licences at Whitianga, Rataroa, Grampians, Hollow Top and Wallace Peak have been confirmed. Auction results are now available on the RSM website.

View the auction 14 results

RSM website: creating a user friendly experience

The team at RSM have begun a process to improve the website.

The platform that RSM's website operates on is being decommissioned later in the year.  This means that a redesigned website and content will move onto a new open source platform in mid-May.

We've hired a web design company to help with the redesign and content shift. They've started interviewing a selection of clients about their experience with the website.  Their feedback will help us better understand what people want and need from RSM to help them in their work. 

Once the new website is up and running, users will find the information easier to find and understand.  The website will also be more responsive on your mobile devices.

View the RSM website

Applications received for Managed Spectrum Park Licences

An application has been received for licences for radio spectrum in the 2.5 GHz Managed Spectrum Park band.  Potential uses for this spectrum include wireless broadband services.

Parties interested in utilising this spectrum are able to apply for access.  This triggers a notification process, allowing other interested parties to come forward.  Applicants with overlapping proposals are then encouraged to develop a sharing agreement.  If no agreement is reached, applicants are eliminated successively by ballot.

The Crown Spectrum Asset Manager has received an application from:

  • Unifone Ltd, for licences with coverage in parts of the Dunedin City, Central Otago District and Clutha District TLA areas

Read more about this application for managed spectrum park licences in Notice 55.