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May 15, 2013

Application Deadline

Applications due May 15

Conference admission includes airfare, lodging, meals, entrance fees and conference materials. Pre-reading required.

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Professional Development Conference to New Jersey

Kentucky social studies teachers grades 5-12 are invited to participate in our six-day, fully funded professional development conference on Princeton University's campus. The trip is scheduled for July 14-19.

Applications are required (download) and must be submitted on or before May 15, 2013.

Conference Overview

The American political order has been described as the tale of five cities–Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London and Philadelphia. The American Founding generation was steeped in the history of the quest for political order and liberty through the western experience. Those who went to college in the colonies knew how to translate the Bible and writings of men like Cicero and Virgil from their native Greek or Latin into English before they even matriculated. Many of them took classical pen names like "Publius," "Cato" and "Brutus" in their fight over the Constitution; their writings are full of allusions to the history of the classical world and of British political experience.

This week-long McConnell Center seminar will help teachers explore some of the major authors and ideas that influenced the American Founding generation and informed America's constitutional order. Participants will read and discuss the writings of important authors such as Plato, Aristotle and Cicero, as well as Adam Smith, Thomas Paine and James Madison.

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