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Your Invitation to the Preview - Friday 4 April, 6-8 pm

You are most welcome to join the artists at the Gallery Preview on Friday 4 April 2014, 6-8 pm

Peter Foyle + Peter Nardini + Erni Upton: Spring Show

5 -  20 April Click on the extensive flipbook catalogue to the left for an interactive view and the full story.

View the availability of exhibition artwork online here.

Wherever soft light plays on a city streetscape, Peter Foyle is there to capture the contrasts both in Glasgow and in Venice for this show.

People watching is a pre-occupation of Peter Nardini on vacation in Perugia and Santa Monica.  Each painting presents a freeze-frame of people at leisure but is also a delicate study in strong sunlight and deep shadow.

Coastal skipper Erni Upton understands the interplay of tide upon strand.

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