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GreenTree Landscaping

December 2011

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Spot the Orchid...

After a long and glorious history as the corsage flower of choice for prom'sters, Orchids have a lovely new role in GreenTree client gardens--as "tree corsages."

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...In the Tree!

Here in Los Angeles, Epiphytic Orchids love living in trees. We start by wiring the plant to a tree trunk (Palms are especially nice) and as the Orchid grows, its roots naturally hang on.

Because Nature designed Epiphytic Orchids to draw their nutrients from water and moisture in the air, they require nothing extra from their tree hosts.  And they give back a beautiful display of flowers and vibrant green foliage all year round. 

There are hundreds of Orchid varieties to choose from, and we have a few favorites that thrive in our local climate.  If you like the idea of adding tree hugging Orchids to your garden the wet winter months are a good time to get them going.


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