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Join us for the final
event of the 'reTHINK' lecture series!

Thursday, April 11, 6-7 p.m.
Bingham Humanities Building, Room 205

About Spinner-Halev's recent book, 'Enduring Injustice'

In Enduring Injustice (Cambridge University Press), Spinner-Halev discusses how society should deal with injustices oppressed peoples have faced in the past, as well as the present.

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reTHINK Liberalism: Luck, Responsibility and Markets

Join Jeff Spinner-Halev, an eminent philosopher and political theory professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, as he evaluates the relationship between luck and equality.

Many scholars have argued that state policy should aim to neutralize the role of bad luck so that people are responsible for their own choices–not for the bad luck that befalls them. In his McConnell Center talk, Dr. Spinner-Halev will discuss whether state policy, including educational policy, should aim to neutralize bad luck, aim to reach equality, or aim for different goals entirely.

This marks the final event in the McConnell Center's 2012-2013 "reTHINK" free and public lecture series.


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