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Hurricane Dorian: Situation Report #2

Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

September 6, 2019

Fortunately, it appears that damage along the U.S. east coast from Hurricane Dorian has been quite limited. Therefore, the probability exists that Hope Force International (HFI) may not be needed to assist with localized relief efforts, and many of our partner agencies are also “standing down” their efforts to resond. However, we continue to pray for the people of the Bahamas as they endure this profound tragedy.

Hope Force (HFI), in collaboration with our national partner, The Salvation Army (TSA), is currently preparing our large 4,200 sq. ft. tent for shipment to Freeport on Grand Bahamas Island. The intended purpose is for warehouse space and a probable multi-agency resource center. This will result in helping to meet the needs of countless Bahamian people.  Our first destination is Tampa, and from there TSA will sort through the logistics necessary for transport.

We fully expect for HFI to get meaningfully engaged in relief efforts in The Bahamas. Once the tent is en route to the Bahamas, HFI will send a team to erect the tent and to commence damage assessment. We anticipate the need for wind & flood-related remediation efforts – and of course, rebuilding needs in the weeks & months ahead.

HFI is poised to respond to medical needs as well and is wading through the various approval processes of the Bahamian government to comply with their requirements.  News reports confirm the fact that currently, there is quite a bottleneck of supplies & personnel in Nassau – creating a nightmare situation (see video below.) This will be a long and grueling recovery, and one that for obvious reasons, will require a bit of patience to get things going.

Prayer for the Bahamian people and relief efforts of all agencies is much appreciated.

We anticipate the need for both human and financial resources to mount and sustain relief and recovery efforts in the days ahead. We want to thank you, in advance, for considering a financial gift to support our post-Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

May the Lord bless you…and bring healing to our neighbors in the Bahamas.

PBS Report on Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

PS:  You may have seen this news piece on PBS.  At 3:30, it provides insight into the current struggle with aid:

Oasis of Hope Tent

PSS:  This is a link to a short video of our HFI tent being erected: