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GPS trackers to deter hive thieves

It is a sad state of affairs that there are some scumbags out there stealing beehives and as many of you know there have been several hive thefts reported in the last few months in NZ and Australia (picture on left from recent stuff.co.nz article. Click here for full story, or here for recent Australian case).

For some time we have been looking out for a reasonably inexpensive GPS tracker that would be suitable for hive tracking and think we now have a good solution that is still satellite based (needed for remote locations). If you are interested in finding out more and/or helping test out some of these please let Christian know (e-mail: christian@hivemind.co.nz or phone +64 21 846 445).

We are also talking with a company that has some new technology that will provide inexpensive tracking within range of a cell phone network that may suit some people if your hive locations are not quite so remote. We have yet to receive the hardware for this but we should have it soon so watch this space and/or let us know if this is of interest.

Of course our existing scales and hub can act as a security warning device too, particularly if you have your auto-alerts set up (so you will get notified if the weight drops below a reasonable level e.g. if someone moved a hive off them), and the existing hub has a very accurate GPS tracker in it as well.

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300+ newsletter subscribers!

You are not alone! We are delighted that there are now over 300 subscribers to this newsletter. 

For all of you in the Southern Hemisphere, we hope you have had a good winter holiday and are ready and rearing for the new season.

Conversely we hope our Northern Hemisphere friends have had a good season.

We are currently building another batch of scales and hubs (see last newsletter here for some of the new features). Most of this build are pre-ordered but there are a few systems still available so if you are thinking of utilising some remote monitoring this season let us know so we can put some aside for you.

In NSW talk to Mark Page: mark.page@valley-industries.com.au , phone 0458 522 240

In QLD / VIC talk to Graham Beech: ntbees@gmail.com , phone 0437 179261

Rest of the world, talk to Christian Walsh: christian@hivemind.co.nz , phone +64 21 846 445

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Some stunning pictures of North American bees

The US Geological Survey (USGS) have catalogued an incredible array of North American bee species using a special camera system originally developed by a US Army molecular biologist.

The resulting pictures are amazing and apparently there is no colour manipulation of the images.

To see more visit Sam Droege's Flickr page here

and the story behind them from National Geographic here

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