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REOI Tips & Tools #5
Completing Your Centre of Excellence Project Application

There's still time to complete a Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) application, but you'll need to get on it quickly!

The enquiry deadline closes this Friday, May 1 and applications are due by Friday, May 8.

Tips & Tools for Centre of Excellence (CofE) REOI project applications

We've set aside $965,000 for CofE projects in 2015 — for training, waste audits, pilot projects and more.

Do you need to troubleshoot a MRF issue or update your Blue Box program contracts? Are you planning to run a pilot, conduct a study, test new procedures/equipment or expand program measurement activities? Perhaps you need to provide new training for your staff or outreach to your residents. These are the types of activities to include in REOI Form 6.

CofE projects can be difficult to describe, budget and monitor so please contact CIF staff ASAP so we can help you shape your project ideas to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Your application will need...

  • Supporting documentation, such as a detailed budget that shows project costs/estimates/quotes, any expected savings or diversion benefits, multi-municipal participation and other details that make the project results valuable to municipalities
  • A clear timeline plus a monitoring/measurement plan
  • Project evaluation criteria describing as many of the established evaluation criteria as possible to demonstrate the strength of your proposal.

If you plan to complete an application that contains any P&E, please email Carrie Nash today. You'll also want to sign up for the P&E Working Session that's designed to provide targeted assistance for your project application. Read more...

Seeking REOI Assistance? Contact CIF Staff ASAP!

Now is the time to contact CIF staff to discuss your 2015 REOI application if you haven't already.

For P&E questions:

For all other questions:

View all REOI documents and resources:  REOI and FAQs webpages

Remember: REOI submissions are due on Friday, May 8 at 4 p.m.

Please contact Gary Everett or any team member before the May 1 enquiry deadline.