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And that’s a wrap! Thursday night we hosted our final event in our Advancing Australia book launch series, with our editor Misha Ketchell in conversation with Adjunct Professor Carol Johnson and Professor Alex Reilly. Immigration, neoliberalism, french submarines and peace; everything was on the table and our two University of Adelaide academics did a great job of thoughtfully answering questions from our 160-strong audience (and kudos our questioners for keeping their questions short, sharp and interesting).

Events provide a chance for us to meet you, our readers, say g'day and hear your thoughts about The Conversation. It’s also a chance for you to ask The Conversation authors questions about relevant issues and get a response that’s independent, informed and without agenda (what a refreshing change). Now, we’re by no means TEDTalks (yet!), and we seem to be cursed by dodgy microphones, but these events are a chance to have an informative discussion with readers; if that’s not our mission exemplified, I don’t know what is.

We’d love to do more (we haven’t hosted an event in Darwin or Hobart yet), and to do this we need your help. Reader donations allow us to go beyond words on page to host events and innovate in other ways such as producing podcasts, videos, infographics and interactives. Help us make this happen. Donate to The Conversation today.

Molly Glassey

Audience Development Manager

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US actor Kevin Spacey is escorted into Nantucket District Court in January for arraignment on a sexual assault charge. His lawyers entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf. CJ Gunther/EPA

Separating the art from the badly behaved artist – a philosopher’s view

Janna Thompson, La Trobe University

If it is wrong to censure art or refuse to display it because of its content, how can it be right to shun it because of the behaviour of the artist?

Archibald Prize 2019 winner, Tony Costa, ‘Lindy Lee’, oil on canvas, 182.5 x 152 cm, © the artist. Photo: AGNSW, Felicity Jenkins Sitter: Lindy Lee - artist

The zen of portraiture: Tony Costa wins the 2019 Archibald Prize

Joanna Mendelssohn, UNSW

The annual announcement of the Archibald Prize is one of Sydney’s great spectacles. This year's winning portrait depicts one of Australia's leading artists, Lindy Lee.

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  • How Earth’s continents became twisted and contorted over millions of years

    Dietmar Müller, University of Sydney; Maria Seton, University of Sydney; Sabin Zahirovic, University of Sydney

    Giant forces slowly move continents across a viscous layer of the Earth, like biscuits gliding over a warm toffee ocean. This stresses the continents, and twists and contorts the crust.

  • Sexual aggression key to spread of deadly tumours in Tasmanian devils

    David Hamilton, University of Tasmania; Elissa Cameron, University of Tasmania; Menna Elizabeth Jones, University of Tasmania; Rodrigo Hamede, University of Tasmania

    Tasmanian Devils can be incredibly aggressive during mating season and their biting can have fatal consequences.



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