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Calling on your swarm-gathering skills

We're putting loads of energy into our crowdfunding campaign for the WiFi Hive Strength Monitor, and while it's a lot of work, it's also rewarding every time we talk to someone who loves the concept, or has a novel idea – earlier today, I talked to an artist who was interested in measuring the vital stats of a beehive as the basis for an art concept.

But for every new person who's engaged in our campaign, there's a friendly beekeeper somewhere who told them about it – quite possibly you.

We have 16 days left, and need to keep the momentum up, so...

How can you help?

No pressure (well, okay, a teeny bit), but here are a few things you could do for us, if you're keen:

  • Share our campaign link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInPinterest, or whatever the kids are into these days.
  • Forward this email to beekeepers (your local club!)
  • Back our campaign! It's only US$142 to track hive humidity, temperature, and bee activity.

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