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Newsletter Issue 22
March 7th, 2017

One New BuildingLink API, One Thousand Possibilities

We are very excited to introduce you to our Partner API – something we’ve invested significant resources to build out over the past year, and which is being released this spring.

You ask: “What’s an API, and what is exciting about it?” API stands for “Application Program Interface,” which is a fancy way of saying computer-to-computer data exchange. Many of the companies you rely on day-to-day - Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Amazon etc. - offer to their clients an API, empowering their customers and technology partners to build their own innovative solutions upon their base platform.  (If you would like to read more about how APIs work, please visit this site.)

With the upcoming release of BuildingLink's new Partner API, you will be able to:

  • Benefit from the additional relevant solutions our technology partners will build.
  • Create your own useful applications in synergy with, or on top of, BuildingLink's existing system.
  • Park and access all your building-relevant data on a single platform.

Here are some examples of what people and technology partners are working on already:

  1. Interfacing with Resident Satisfaction survey companies (SatisFacts and Kingsley) to trigger surveys on move-in and work-order-completion events, and to update satisfaction ratings.
  2. Integrating renter/homeowner insurance companies (i.e. “Lemonade”) to automatically update policy info in BuildingLink’s new “Insurance compliance” dashboard.
  3. Extracting and transferring resident contact info to an external redundant “emergency notification” system (i.e. MIR3).
  4. Linking external repair request dispatch systems (i.e.Comvibe) with BuildingLink, and optionally piping the data into the Yardi work order module.
  5. Integrating resident smart-lock operations with BuildingLink “permission to enter” rules.
  6. Providing resident access to building-centric sensor data (fitness center, air quality).
  7. Supporting a specific property who wishes to create their own visitor management kiosk.

Whether you have a solution of your own in mind, or just want to rely upon our technology partners to make your life easier, we hope our API will make your BuildingLink experience that much of a fuller one. Contact us at with your questions, comments, and ideas!


Try Our New CONCIERGELINK Program! The Fast Solution To A Slow Internet.

Over the years, we have heard from staff at very busy front desk operations, whose older computers or browsers or fickle internet connections are just not keeping pace with the speed of their operations. Do you have too many packages inbound and outbound, relentless streams of visitors with guest permissions or contractors to be checked in, and a BuildingLink screen that keeps waiting for a response from an underpowered PC or slow connection? Then our new ConciergeLink program could be your answer.

ConciergeLink by BuildingLink is our brand new program for front desk operations – and it’s FAST!  It instantly reads and writes all of your BuildingLink updates to its local database on your PC, and then syncs up behind the scenes with the main BuildingLink database, so all of your screens update and refresh instantly.  And since it has its own local database, you can continue to function beautifully - even in the face of an extended internet outage.   As soon as your internet connection comes back, ConciergeLink syncs up all of your work as you continue to run your operations without missing a beat.

ConciergeLink has a range of other really cool features, like fast-employee-login switching, support for touchscreens, and advanced hardware diagnostics (for sigpad, autodialer, and label printer) that provides resiliency and transparency. Say goodbye to frustration and backlog!

Click here to download the current Beta version of ConciergeLink,  or contact us at 1-877-501-7117, and say “I want it fast!”. (Note: ConciergeLink currently runs on any Windows PC, but not on a Mac.)


BuildingLink in Atlanta

Did You Know? Residents With No Email Addresses Can Still Be Kept In The “Email” Loop!

Remember that our Send Email module has a “Generate-and-Email PDF copies” solution for managers who need to communicate with residents, some of whom have not provided email addresses.  Reaching these residents no longer needs to be an obstacle for you.

How does it work? On the Send Email page, when you check off the “Generate-and-Email PDF copies” option,  BuildingLink automatically recognizes which residents do not have an email address in the system and generates a PDF file of the email you’ve created.  Each page in the PDF file is already customized with the resident name and unit number. Simply click “Preview/Print PDF Copies” – or you can select to email the entire PDF file to the onsite property staff – for quick printing and distribution to your handful of non-email residents.

Have other ideas for improving communications between you and your residents? Email us at 


Client Video Tour – Stop #2: California!

Welcome to sunny California!  In this interesting videoour West Coast clients talk about their BuildingLink experiences. Hear from a diverse client base, everything from high-end resorts to military housing for rotating active service members.

Stay tuned for more video visits with our clients, from New York to Sydney and Los Angeles to London. BuildingLink can be found in more than 20 countries and 3,700 buildings around the world, and is used daily by more than 68,000 managers and staff and 1.4 million residents --to provide a first class residential experience and to keep their operations running seamlessly and efficiently.



A Sneak Peek At Our 2017 Roadmap

We're happy to share the major themes of our 2017 Roadmap:

  1. Automating operations and communications
  2. Increasing resident engagement
  3. Boosting your data-driven decision-making capabilities
  4. Releasing our open-data API ecosystem
  5. Expanding our "Smart Building Sensor" offerings
  6. Accounting module and purchase orders

That's all we can say for now! We hope we have you on the edge of your collective seat!


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