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Our 2016-2017 academic year brought a range of exciting, creative ideas for teaching and learning to the Tang Institute.

A faculty-led discussion series focused on exploring the Science of Learning, including opportunities to translate current research into classroom practice and learning experiences. Other efforts invited community members to come together around big ideas and reflective practice: the “Discerning the Good Life” series, run by Teaching Fellow Kevin Jiang; a regular line-up of mindfulness sits and events; the TEDx symposium about this generation’s mission statement; and a day of discussions with David Yeager. Tang Fellow Lilia Cai-Hurteau ran a course that centered on student engagement and exchange with peers in China, while Tang Fellow Lani Silversides encouraged students to find ways to be grateful each day.

This summer we are seeing the fruits of faculty efforts in Hybrid@Andover and Learning in the World. Four hybrid and online courses for 8th to 12th graders, on topics such as science of cooking, have launched during Summer Session. Learning in the World is bringing about 100 students to more than 20 programs, including new ones in Dominican Republic and China

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Curricula were carefully developed; packing lists double-checked; and plane tickets, passports, and IDs confirmed. Faculty and students have been participating in a range of experiences “in the field” of different cultures–that have amazed, moved, and challenged them in transformative ways.


Analytic geometry, coding and patterns, chemistry of cooking... Students entering 8th through 12th grades are engaged in new Andover experiences this summer.


Do you ever wonder what it means for life to go well? What you need to do in order to lead a life worth living? A pilot program, “Discerning the Good Life,” led by Kevin Jiang, instructor in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, invited students to probe one of life’s most important questions.


During the past two years, Julia Beckwith ’17 has been “learning to do nothing”–concentrating on “the breath,” sitting in silence, and becoming aware of the present moment. She was introduced to mindfulness by Tang Fellow and Philosophy and Religious Studies Instructor Andy Housiaux

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The Tang Institute is dedicated to cultivating and sharing innovative ideas that center on a common inquiry: How do we prepare students for an increasingly complex and interconnected world? The answers are varied, but Tang Institute pursuits are grounded in Andover’s commitment to connected learning, an educational approach that makes learning relevant to life and work in a digital age and global society. The Institute functions as an ideas lab, drawing together faculty, students, and partners to explore and develop promising, new approaches to teaching and learning—and to bring what’s working into the classroom and the wider world.
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