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February 2014
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Changemaking in an organisation

Do you want to make a change within your organisation, but feel kind of stuck in trying to start something? We've met a lot of you over the last 5 years. This February issue is especially for you.

Read Elselien Epema's blog with 4 steps for intrapreneurs called "4 waves an intrapreneur can catch to change the course of a cargo ship". Read the blog about the vision behind Start.Me.Up, a program that sets intrapreneurs off on their own learning journey. And check out the video of the Pop Up Hub at Groene Golflengte 2013 to learn what a conference looks like when Art of Hosting principles are applied.

Let's make 2014 the year in which ambitions become practical plans so we can take steps towards the world we imagine for ourselves! Don't want to do it alone? Join us

Introducing New Members...

Michiel Döbelman & Bob Wisman: The Roadshow teaching schoolkids about eventmanagement and exploring sustainable production options // Yves Ancher: De Droomfabriek helps people and organisations realize their dream for change // Peter Jan Wieringa: Solar Collective stimulates the use of solar energy by informing neighbourhoods how to buy solar panels as a collective // Dara Collwell: Stone Soup shows how to connect yourself to a community through creative writing workshops // Caroline Glasbergen: Flare consults to enable growth and innovation // Alex Raventos: WavEc does research in innovative ocean renewable energy technologies // Jorge Delgado: Skinny George helps independant brands and prosocial organizations deliver their message in the most impactful way. Analia Penchaszadeh: Tomate Verde provides multilingual communication/facilitation and project support for social justice projects.

And Studio JUX & Rural Spark were the Village Capital NL winners! Read more.

An open learning environment for intrapreneurs

Where do you go when you want to learn to make a change within your organisation, but you don't know how? You can read a book or hear a story about how someone made a difference somewhere, but the question remains: How do I start learning to think this way?

Our Impact Hub answer: peers, experts and an open learning environment. We called it Start.Me.Up. This one day program starts your own learning journey.

Read more about the thinking behind Start.Me.Up. and reactions from participants.

4 waves an intrapreneur can catch to change the course of a cargo ship

Elselien Epema: "Let me take you back to the time I was an intrapreneur, in which I felt the excitement and frustrations myself and came to something fulfilling, something that actually worked out quite well.

Don’t expect a heroic million-dollar-best-selling-author-story now. It’s all actually quite straightforward. A story with learnings you might easily relate to and use in your own situation.

A few years ago I was involved in the development of a new innovative design curriculum..." Read more.

Different ways of working in your organisation: Pop Up Hub

What happens at a conference when when you create space that allows for the knowledge gained in workshops to cross-pollinate and be applied? 

At Groene Golflengte 2013, Impact Hub Amsterdam hosted a Pop Up Hub facilitated by experienced hosts, a filmmakers duo and a graphic facilitator. Also present was a poet who reflected on the process at the end of the day.

For most Groene Golflengte attendants, this was their first experience with such a way of working.

Watch the film to see what they learned.


What's Hub?

3 March 3pm- 5pm | Free

Interested in becoming a member of our community of 300 impact entrepreneurs, changemakers & pioneers? ‘What’s Hub’ is especially designed to give you a first Impact Hub experience.

Some fifty-odd people stumble upon Impact Hub Amsterdam every month, wanting to know more about what happens inside and how to join us. So we designed What’s Hub – a compelling way to introduce you to our community, space and membership model!

Apart from explaining the basics of the Impact Hub, we actually start right away with a hands-on experience of what’s it like to be part of our community. Sign up!

Walk The Talk

6 March & 15 May @ 9am - 5pm | €129,-

21Sustainable & YOI oganise this inspiration session for professionals and entrepreneurs who would like to play an active role in this new era, who would like to create opportunities in their own organisation and in their personal lives. 

Meet successful pioneers, become a trendwatcher for a day and learn in 2 workshops to develop your own concept or product.  

This session is offered for a special introduction price of €129,- (instead of €165,-) excl. VAT, incl. drinks, lunch & inspirational booklet.  Read more & or sign up!

60 Day Challenge - kickstart your project!

April - June 2014 

You have a great idea for a project - for example within your organisation - and this year you'd like to make it a priority. Welcome to the 60 Day Challenge!

In 60 days you test your assumptions, try out different business models and learn to tell your impact story. Working in a group of intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs & NGO founders you stimulate and learn from each other. 

Just so you know. It's not just a training course. It's hard work. It's fun. It includes lots of coffees. And it's done in 60 days. Apply or read more. Feel free to contact us for more information





"People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!" – Peter Senge.


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