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Hurricane Laura: Situation Report #3

September 14, 2020

Hope Force International (HFI) has been on location in Lake Charles, Louisiana since the first day of Hurricane Laura’s impact – responding to the needs of survivors. The immensity of the devastation has been overwhelming to survivors and responders alike.  HFI is dedicated to serving people as individuals – a true reflection of our values…the “value of one.”  Loving, caring, listening and being present with that one person in front of you – respecting their pain and struggle while providing help and inspiring hope.

There are many stories of heart-gripping interaction at very deep levels among team members and survivors as we enter into their journey. We are grateful to Russ Martin for creating the video below – capturing the essence of these encounters and the lives forever impacted by the amazing, compassionate love of God.

Click here to watch:
Dramatic Testimonial Video - Hurricane Laura

As time passes, the conditions in Lake Charles remain dire. Many hundreds of families and individuals have yet to receive assistance.  To make matters worse, Hurricane Sally is bearing down on the southern gulf coast – striking great concern in the hearts and minds of those still trying to recover from Hurricane Laura.

Please pray for the survivors and for those serving in relief efforts. Also, pray for those in the path of Sally – asking God for protective mercies and for the storm to diminish rather than intensify.

Thank you to all our Hope Force responders who have answered the call and to those who are on their way…and to all who have generously donated to make a world of difference!