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Dear Colleague,


Welcome to the July edition of the Acas Wales newsletter.


In this edition:

  • Acas Annual Report
  • Managing the Summer Holidays
  • Tackling conflict
  • The Matthew Taylor Report
  • Creating an inclusive workplace

The Acas annual report

We have published our 2016/17 Annual Report which shows that our services countine to be in strong demand and that there's a £13 benefit to the economy for every £1 that Acas spends. Read the report here.


Managing the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays can often throw up questions that require you to make decisions quickly. Does someone have a right to take time off if their childmining arrangements break down? Are employees entitled to pay if unable to get to work because of a travel delay? Can flexible working request cover just the school holidays? Find out more here.


Tackling conflict

Conflict at work takes many forms. It may be that two workers simply don't get on; or that an individual has a grievance against their manager. Acas has lots of support available to help you tackle conflict effectively:


Advisory booklet: Managing Conflict at Work

Managing Conflict Training event: Chepstow 17/10 | Cardiff 07/11 and 12/02 | Pontypridd 15/03

Acas video: Having difficult conversations

Acas guide: Mediation at work


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Acas blog: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most inclusive of them all?

Lucie Garvin, Helpline Knowledge Manager at Acas discusses creating an inclusive work environment for the LGBT+ community. More here...

Key related events and courses in your area:

Chepstow | 09/08

Managing Holidays

This event will take you through the tricky area of calculating annual leave entitlement and holiday pay, show you how to manage leave requests during peak times, and explore the implications of recent case-law including how overtime, sickness, maternity and sleep-ins affect holiday pay.


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Newport | 29/08

Essential Skills for Line Managers

Gain a comprehensive overview of essential managerial ‘people’ skills. This training includes interactive group discussions, helpful scenarios and case studies.

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Cardiff | 29/09

Contracts of Employment: How to get it right

This course provides detailed guidance on how to create, agree, vary or terminate employment contracts.

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Pontypridd | 17/11

Having Difficult Conversations

One of the most challenging parts of managing performance is initiating conversations around sensitive topics. Being able to tackle contentious issues in a balanced, calm and consistent way is a valued skill in all areas of working life. In a workplace context these skills can help promote productive and engaged teams and a better managed workforce. Managers who avoid difficult conversations risk undermining their own position and potentially losing credibility with staff. This event covers ways of addressing sensitive subject matters like bullying, emotional issues, resistance to criticism and poor performance.

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Response to the Matthew Taylor Report

Acas Chair, Sir Brendan Barber: "We welcome the Matthew Taylor report's focus on good quality work.

"Our submission to the Taylor review revealed that many Acas Helpline callers were in a zero hours, agency or self-employed arrangement out of necessity rather than by choice." More here...

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