Barnard College, The Liberal Arts College for Women in New York City

Dear Student,

We are happy that Barnard College emerged as your top choice and that you chose to submit an Early Decision application.  In this day of immediate replies and automated responses, we know that it takes patience to wait for our decision. For this reason, we write to notify you that your decision letters should be received by mid-December as planned. Additionally, we will email decisions on the evening of Thursday, December 11th (EST). 

While we cannot admit every student who applies, we do consider each application carefully, and we do so within the context of each student's passions and choices. Applications are reviewed without formulas and with attention to all parts, but we do receive applications from far more talented students than we are able to admit. We thank you for taking great care with what you submit. We try to do the same in our review and decisions.

If you have not received an email by Friday, December 12th, you may contact us to learn your decision over the phone or you may wait for your letter to arrive by mail.

With best regards,

The Office of Admissions at Barnard College

Friday 5, December 2014