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Play With Us Tonight During Game 3 Of the NBA Finals!

Are the Warriors going to take Game 3 in Cleveland or are the Cavs going to defend their home court? Get in the game with us this evening in the world of FireFan.  Kelenna Azubuike, former Warriors player, is hosting the game in his league...so join us there.

Download the free app here and use our rewards code Sharm46 to receive free tokens. Then join us in the DubNation League - Kelenna Azubuike.

FireFan is real-time play that puts your head in the game...literally. Anyone, any age, any level can play - and it's free.

Don't just watch the game tonight, join us and be a part of all the action during Game 3.

Heating Things Up With BCI Leads!

Led by our faith, BCI Leads by example.

Summer is an exciting time for BCI, and BCI Leads is behind much of it. Through our BCI Leads outreach initiatives, professional players - who are also followers of Jesus - work to build a community of professional influence based on integrity and accountability.

BCI Leads programs like BCI Courtside Live and BCI Basketball Plus camps give basketball players the opportunity to challenge kids in their own lives, and to acknowledge the people who step up their game in everyday life. Through it, players share their personal experiences to promote the idea that living lives of character, integrity, values and faith - looking beyond ourselves to reach out and support others - is a great way to live.

...BCI Courtside Live

Our fourth season of BCI CSL has been an exciting one. Being able to go live on Facebook via BlueJeans Primetime gave players the opportunity to share their life experiences with 37,000 + viewers.

Another new feature this year was the opportunity for youth organizations to have one of their youth appear online, live with the players and moderator, to ask several questions.

During our most recent CSL event, Davonte Foster, a youth with The Dream Center in Iowa City, IA appeared to ask his questions of our player panel. His initial question was to Lanny Smith about one of his friends who is experiencing an injury, keeping him from the game he loves, and how Davonte can encourage him.  Lanny's response was twofold:

  • Use this time to develop and grow with God because that is where he is going to find his peace.
  • Encourage him to find his identity in something other than the sport he plays.  The day will come, whether it is because of injury or age, when the game will be taken away, and the question will be, "Who am I without the game?". 

Moderator Adrian Branch asked Allan Houston to give Davonte a "bullet point" for life.  Allan walked through the five tenets of FISLL 306.

  • Faith, Integrity, Sacrifice, Leadership and Legacy

Those five tenents challenge students to think about the significance of their own lives and personal legacy.

The experience for the young fans to appear live with the players is a great experience and very encouraging for them. If you have a young fan who would like to appear live on our CSL events next basketball season, please email us at info@bciedge.org.

To view our most recent CSL event or any of the archived events click here.

...BCI Basketball Plus Camps

For BCI, summer always includes our BCI Basketball Plus Camps. BCI Basketball Plus can be facilitated as a freestanding camp or integrated into other youth events. Either way, kids focus on various aspects of the game on the court, supplemented by memorable real-life conversation with the pros. This summer we are again including financial literacy workshops where kids will learn about the relationship between earning, spending and saving. Nuggets of wisdom and personal testimonies from pro players and other adult leaders round out the on-and off- court experience.

Time, Energy and Truth!

We celebrate the pros who are stepping up their game, getting involved in communities in the U.S. and around the world. They care, and that means a lot. We thank them for counting their own blessings, being grateful for them and making the conscious decision to share their time, their energy, and their truth with all of us.

Looking Up.


Kathy Scheuerman
Basketball Club International

I'm personally inviting you to play the game with us! Download the free Fire Fan App from either the App or Google Play store using our rewards code Sharm46 for free tokens. It's real-time play that puts your head in the game...literally...while you're watching Game!

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