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Roche and BioLamina start collaboration

Roche and  BioLamina, has agreed to jointly develop new cell culture systems for various applications, including stem cell research. The collaboration will focus on assessing laminin-based in-vitro cell culture matrices offering highly physiological microenvironments for living cells. Read more »

Digital Health Initiatives in Stockholm

There is a growing interest in developing smart IT solutions for health and wellbeing in Sweden and Stockholm.  August 21-22, the very first Digital Health Days Stockholm will take place. Two days of inspiring seminars, challenging discussions and hands-on workshops on the themes of mobile health solutions, gamification, and Big Data in healthcare and biosciences. Read more »

May 17-19,  the second edition of Health Hack Day takes place. A weekend hackathon for soft- and hardware hackers, designers, researchers, entrepreneurs and business developers who participate in the creation of the solutions for Healthcare, Selfcare and Wellness. Read more »

The network Health 2.0 Stockholm is regularly arranging meetings where novel health solutions are demonstrated and discussed.  At the last meeting, several different mobile applications were presented, ranging from ECG measurements to psychological coaching. Register to get invitations to upcoming meetings and events.

News from Tools of Science

BBMRI launches BBMRI Register
In order to improve the opportunities for biobanking research, BBMRI.se launches a register compiling information from human sample collections in Sweden. The register contains meta data and is available for all researchers to browse. The register enables researchers to find collaboration partners and complementary sample collections for further validation, thereby making the best use of the samples for the benefit of both patients and researchers. Read the press release (in Swedish)

Internationalisation in your pocket

Stockholm Science City Foundation is a partner in a European consortium running the project eLearning for Life Science Internationalisation (eLSi).

eLSi aims to deliver sector-specific language & culture training resources for the hottest target markets outside Europe to  life science SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) on the verge to take their technology outside Europe. These resources will be easily accessible online and will provide training in e.g. local negotiation tactics, regulatory issues and how to avoid missing out on business opportunities due to lack of knowledge about local business culture. The project has support from the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme.

Check out the updated Stockholm-Uppsala Bioindustry map

Who is your closest contract research organization? The answer is easily found using the Bioindustry map, including life science companies and organizations in the Stockholm-Uppsala region. One of the new entries in the latest update is the Medical Products Agency's Innovation office (Läkemedelsverkets Innovationskontor). Find out where it is and what they do by typing in the name in the search-box.